30 November 2014

Immunization Record Requirement for Federal Skilled Worker in Canada

In Philippines, we do have immunization for our kids and even for adults.  Some may avail it for free, but others prefer to have it from their private doctors.

If you had been religiously following the vaccines for your child, that is a great move.  But having your child immunized is not good enough if you don't have the immunization record.

Immunization Record is the way to trace and monitor your child's vaccine schedule and to know what's next.  This is helpful for pediatricians for them to assess the status of your child's health.

What is the Importance of Immunization Records in Immigrating to Canada?
If you are planning to apply for the FSW Canada or waiting for your Positive Eligibility Response (PER) from the Centralized Intake Office (CANADA) and has children below 16 years of age, please read this post further.

Children are supposed to be immunized from deadly viruses and should be taken serious consideration from the parents.  Some countries don't have a proper concerns about this vaccinations and is taken for granted, passing the great responsibilities to parents.

As a parent, we are responsible for the health of our children and should bring them to their pediatricians to have their periodic check-ups and immunization.  Usually, when we bring them to the doctor, all the medicines and vaccines given  to your child is recorded, it's either in index cards or computer database. It doesn't matter where they record the data as long as it is held and can be retrieved anytime.

These records can be requested at any time.  It comes with a doctor's professional fee or may be FREE.  For me, I paid PHP600.00 for the immunization record.  I will place the link of the Immunization Record form below for your reference.

Now, why do we need to secure an immunization record from the pediatrician?

Canada takes a lot of effort to protect our children and adults from dangerous and deadly viruses.  That is why they urge parents to have their children vaccinated periodically.

For new immigrants specially the Federal Skilled Workers or Provincial Nominees, we are required to submit the Immunization Record of our children who are 16 years of age and below.

This is not required during our landing in Canada and Custom's inspection, but during the enrollment in schools.

How does the Immunization Record Form look like?
Usually, during the approval and stamping of passports for the Immigrant Visa, Canada provides an Immunization Record form that is readily available for the doctor's signature.

Unfortunately, when our visa-stamped passports arrived, there is no Immunization Record attached with it.  Is it luck or just fate? Oh well...

So, what did I do?

I informed my sister about it and searched online for the form.  But, it's nowhere to be found.

Luckily, she had the previous record of her son and so I asked her to show it through Skype.  It looks like this.

Immunization Record Form for FSW Canada Immigrants
It was written in the form that it can be photocopied, so I made my own form with all the similar details in it.

I had uploaded the form to the community website and if you want to have a copy of it, you can click the photo below and access the copy.  This is what my form look like, have a quick look at it.

Immunization Record (blank)
Once you had requested the link, print it and have your pediatrician fill up the form and make sure to let her sign.

Here is the link of the Immunization Record form at the community Website.

"For children attending school in Ontario, a written immunization record or proof of immunization is required, by law, for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps and rubella unless there is a valid written exemption."-

What we did with the Immunization Record?
When we were still in the Philippines, we went to our son's pediatrician and ask her to sign the Immunization record.  She scanned though our child's baby book and records and wrote all the immunization dates in the form.  She then signed the space provided and asked us to pay PHP600.00.
Tip: Bring along your children's baby books.  This is very important as some of the pediatrician don't have a proper filing of their client's records.  It is also possible that you have two pediatricians attending your child's care.
After a few days of arrival in Canada, we visited the school and inquired about the enrollment.  The registrar gave us some forms and one of the requirement is the Immunization Record. After completing the forms and requirements, our son immediately was admitted to the school for FREE.

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  1. Thank you Ben. Looks like you're thriving already there :)

  2. Hello Kuya Ben! Just wanna ask if adults are required to present an immunization record for the medical examination and upon entering Canada. I don't have kids yet. Thank you!

    1. Hi Ate, it is only applied to kids below 16 years of age.

    2. In additional to that, this is not required during the medical examination with your FSW application.

      This is only a record of the immunization of you child, which the Canadian schools and clinics require so they can advise you what to immunize your kids.

  3. Hi ben, can i ask for a copy of the immunization record for children. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jason, click the image on my post and it will redirect you to my Google Drive and sends me a request to add your email. It's better if you have a Gmail account for easy access.

    2. hi ben salamat sa blog mo..

  4. Hi Ben, very informative post on Immunization record requirement. I shall refer this post to my sister. she is also planning to migrate to canada this year end. .she has a one year old baby boy, it will be helpful for her to know about this record. And by the way, she is getting consultation for visa under Federal Skilled Trades Program with a great consultancy. here: She is very satisfied with their service, thought it is helpful to others in here too. .

  5. Hi Ben, I requested for access to your google drive so I can download the copy of the immunization record. My email is
    I just received my PR visa together with my wife and 2 year old daughter and we are planning to move to Canada next year. Like you, I am an OFW here in Singapore for 6 years. Thanks for your blog it really helped us a lot during our application

    1. Thanks Greta, I will check that out. It's good to know that you got your Visa. When and where are you planning to land in Canada? You can reply to my email address for privacy purposes.

  6. Helo ben,.have some question here..ive done my med exam exept for my vaccine and granted a visa under LICP after all though still in queued for printing to date..

    Am i required to undergo vaccination inspite of my status?

  7. Helo ben,.have some question here..ive done my med exam exept for my vaccine and granted a visa under LICP after all though still in queued for printing to date..

    Am i required to undergo vaccination inspite of my status?

  8. Helo ben,.have some question here..ive done my med exam exept for my vaccine and granted a visa under LICP after all though still in queued for printing to date..

    Am i required to undergo vaccination inspite of my status?

  9. Hi, can I also get a job offer while on a visitor visa? I was approved multiple entry. In your website's header it was stated Federal skilled worker, I got through Express entry pool but I lack points to be selected...

    1. You need a work permit to get a job in Canada.

      If you have more clarifications regarding this matter, please go to the MM2C Forum above this post. You must be registered to join the forum. See you there!

  10. hello po,, the link is not working po,, can u please send the form in my gmail.,?, thanks., it would be great help...,, thanks a lot,,

    1. Hi JC, if you click the photo itself with "Immunization (blank)" caption, you can see it. If not, visit and you can download it from there as well as other forms that may be helpful for you.

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