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15 June 2013

Moving To Canada: A Dream

Fifteen years of my life were dedicated to my dream...Moving to Canada.  It's a dream that started when I was young and put in to action at the beginning of 2003.  This kept me busy on my day to day activity.

Anything I did at that time was dedicated for my dream.  If anything come's up, may it be an event or a job opportunity, I always link it to my dream saying "This opportunity will be useful in Canada."

It sounds like I'm too paranoid about this, but I can't blame myself, I think I was born to dream this way.

Yup, I also wanted to know why?  Are there any memories that I can link on to with regards to my paranoia?

Why I Always Wanted to Pursue the Moving to Canada Thing?
Since young, I was in the environment where relatives comes and goes from all parts of the world.  We call them "from abroad (abrod)".

They are the ones working or had migrated to other countries, we don't care where they're from as long as  they're from the other country, so we called them this way.   The gifts that they bring along are what we called "states-side", may it be a soap or a clothing, that's what we call it.

I came from a family that I considered as in between the lower and the middle class.  We are not blessed enough to share the luxury from abroad.

We are a big family and the only goal for our parents is for us to eat three times a day and have a nice comfortable shelter.  Luxury is out of our vocabulary.

These set my mind to really think deeper and try to analyse why they were so blessed with these "states-sides".

So, a dream was built-in to me, that being abroad was the best way to go to the middle class or even higher.  Thus setting my lifetime goal to this...until now.

What Am I Doing With My Dream in Moving To Canada?
As you read this blog, you can pause in a while and look at that post date.

Remember this date, is the date....where.....I'm fulfilling my dream in Moving to Canada.  I will start to gather some information on how to do it. It's sounds silly and might be a bit impossible, but trying hurts a bit but not to the extent that it will kill me.

There's a quote that says:

 " If it can't kill you, go for it!".


  1. inspiring. I am also starting to live your my dreams as well.. thank u for sharing ur journey..

  2. inspiring. I am also starting to live your my dreams as well.. thank u for sharing ur journey..


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