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23 August 2014

Abbreviations Used in Forums and Blogs for FSW Program Canada

Here are the abbreviation used in forums and other blogs. This will be helpful if you come across forum threads (forum topics) with lots of abbreviated words.

To make it easier for you, I have come up with a list of terms and abbreviations that are related to the Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada.  

I will update this list quite often.  Just visit this post to see the latest updates.

AB - Alberta
AEO - Arranged Employment Opinion
AO - Assessing Officer
AOR - Acknowledgment of Receipt
APNP - Alberta Provincial Nominee Program
AO - Assessing Officer
AOR - Acknowledgement of Receipt

BCPNP - British Columbia Provincial Nominees Program

CAIPS - Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System
CEM - Canadian Embassy Manila
CHC - Canadian High Commission
CIC - Citizenship and Immigration Canada
CIIP - Canada Immigration Integration Program
CIO - Canada Intake Office
CLP - Common Law Partner
COPR - Confirmation of Permanent Residence
CPR - Canadian Patent Reporter
CPR - Certificate of Permanent Residency
CTC - Certified True Copy

DM - Decision Made

e-CAS - E-Client Application Status
ECAS - Environmental Compliance Assessment System

FSW - Federal Skilled Worker
FSWP - Federal Skilled Worker Program

HRSDC - Human Resources and Social Development Canada

IA - Initial Assessment
IELTS - International English Language Testing System
IRPA - Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

LCP - Live-in Caregiver Program
LICP - Live-in Caregiver Program
LMO - Labour Market Opinion
LOA - Letter Of Approval

MCE - Manila Canadian Embassy
MPNP - Manitoba Provincial Nominees Program
MP - Member of Parliament
MPNP - Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program
MPP - Member of Provincial Parliament
MR - Medical Request

NER - Negative Eligibility Review/Response
NOC - National Occupational Classification
NSO - National Statistics Office (Philippines)

OHIP - Ontario Health Insurance Program
ON - Ontario

PDOS - Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar
PER - Positive Eligibility Review/Response
PNP - Provincial Nomination Program
POF - Proof of Funds
PPR - PassPort Request
RPRF - Right of Permanent Residence Fee
PR - Permanent Residence

ROLF/RORLF - Right of Landing Fees/Right of Resident Landing Fees

SAP - Simplified Application Process
SECPA - Security Paper (NSO)
SF - Settlement Funds
SIN - Social Insurance Number
SINP - Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
SOWP - Spousal Open Work Permit

TEF - Test d’évaluation de français (Language Test in French)
TFW - Temporary Foreign Worker
TRV - Temporary Resident Visa (Visit Visa)
TWP - Temporary Work Permit

UCI - Unique Client Identifier

VO - Visa Officer

WP - Work Permit

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19 June 2014

Why You Need to Update Your Adobe Acrobat for FSW?

The FSW Canada application forms are in the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format. Once you click the link at the RESOURCES page of my blog, it redirects your browser to a PDF reader.

Some of the forms works well with my reader, but one file is having a problem opening.  It's particularly the IMM0008ENU.

 Have you got this type of screen when you opened one of the FSW application forms?
Problem opening a FSW application form IMM0008ENU.

This means that your browser is not updated.  You need to install the latest PDF Acrobat Reader to your computer system.

I tried to install it in my computer system but when I tried it in Google Chrome, it doesn't work but prompted me to the same display again.

It works when I tried it with the internet explorer.  I'm not sure why it doesn't work with Google Chrome.

For the PDF files that doesn't open with Chrome, I used the IE instead.  If you know the reason why it doesn't open to my Chrome, please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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