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07 March 2020

How I Founded Me Moving To Canada

The first time we stepped into Canadian soil, we have a little idea about the country. The culture and people were different from where we used to live, Southeast Asia.

For readers who haven't known me before, my name is Ben (  I worked as an overseas foreign worker in Singapore. I worked in a Singaporean company and was assigned as a technical support for customers in Southeast Asian region.

Life is good in terms of financial matters, but the downside is that I'm far away from my family. That's when I realized that I need to find a way to be with them until the rest of my life.  The only way I thought to be with them is to immigrate to Canada.

Newcomers in Canada
As newcomers, we saw some things that were strange to us.  Rice is not a thing that we can see in most of restaurants and soon discovered it in some Asian stores.  Races are diverse. There are Filipinos, Africans, Italians, Russians, Middle Easterns, Vietnameses, Jamaicans, Europeans, and others.

Although we can get the information on the internet or in the Canadian government services regarding the process of getting benefits and legal documents, we still need someone to advise us about surviving in Canada. Every information that we get were valuable to us.   We follow what our friends and relatives tell us.

How I founded MM2C
When I was in Philippines and Singapore, I told myself if only I had someone or a community where I can join to ask questions regarding immigrating to Canada, I would be the happiest applicant.  Although I got in to forum sites and are very helpful in terms of telling us stories and providing good advices in the form of text and few photos, I need something where I can also view the latest scenes of Canada.  I haven't got in to a community where they share videos about life of immigrants in Canada.

Because of that obstacle, I created a community Facebook page.  The goal is to create a media where we can share information through videos and photos.  The eye is the most powerful data sponge in our body.  We get the most experience through our eyes.

Since I had named my website to MeMovingToCanada, I decided to name it MM2C for short.  The facebook page that I created was named MM2C Community.  In this community, I can share information mostly on videos and photos.  This is the best way to show how Canada looks like in the eyes of immigrants who went to Canada, hoping for a better future.

If you want to join the community. Go and visit the facebook page MM2C Community to learn more about Canada through videos and expect the following:

  - See the hilly roads of Vancouver, British Columbia
  - Check out the plane fields of Calgary and Edmonton
  - Know more about the diversity of Toronto
  - French speakers in Quebec
  - The shore of East Coast, New Brunswick

Links to help you with your journey to Canada:

29 October 2015

Staying in Holiday Inn Montreal, Quebec

I've been visiting Montreal, Quebec as part of my occupation.  My friends said that people here have a hard time communicating in English because they are French.  But, it's not always the case, I've met customers in Montreal and I can say that they can speak well in English, better than me, of course.

When you get farther from Montreal, fewer people speak English.  I had experienced once in a small town where I pumped gasoline.  The lady cashier can't speak English and even I act it with my hands, she still doesn't understand.

She asked a guy, a customer at the store, if he can talk to me but he also can't get what I'm saying.  What I did was just to say Thank You and left. I need to start studying French.

By the way, for your information, Montreal is an island just like Singapore.

With all my visits in Montreal, I usually stay in hotels.  It depends on the location of the customer.  Sometimes, the hotel will be far away from the city or in downtown Montreal.

I like hotels that are located near a store such as Walmart so I can buy my groceries for just a walk away.

One of the best hotels that I've stayed so far was the HOLIDAY INN in Montreal. Wifi was fast and the place was really nice.  Look at these photos...

When you go into the hotel, the lobby is at the center of the building. To the far corner of it is a resto bar.

They had a display of a Biplane hanging on the ceiling of the lobby.  I hope they used a strong rope for that one.

After coming out from the elevator, I can see the hall leading to my room.

The room was clean and well-arranged.  I had an office table and, as usual, a flat screen TV.

This is the Wash Room and the Shower.

Most hotels that I've stayed in has no automatic switch, where you'll insert your hotel card in it and the air-conditioning and lights will turn on.

Some of the hotels have refrigerator and microwave, this time there is none.  But, I always notice that they have iron and an ironing rack for my crumpled clothes.

So far, I can give a score 8.5 out of 10 for this hotel.

That's all for now... I'll share more of these next time.

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