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04 February 2016

D-Box Experience in Cineplex Cinemas Canada: Star Wars (The Force Awakens)

It was time to rewards ourselves with entertainment.  There are lots of it here in Canada, we only need to get it one at a time.

I was browsing the internet one night and saw a Star Wars trailer.  We already watched the previous episodes from The Phantom Menace to Episode 6.  The thought of watching it in theaters was not my priority because I know that I can view it in some other cheaper media.

The idea was to just check the price of the movie ticket. But, while browsing the Cineplex website, I saw a word D-Box and was stuck on that for an hour.  I researched it and realized how great it would be for us to experience it in Canada with the movie Star Wars.

I booked a ticket immediately and it cost us the following:

Adult:  C$25
Kid: C$20

Total of C$90++  tax for a family of four.

The following day, we headed to Cineplex Cinemas at Highway 7.  The moment we stepped out from the car, the excitement kicked in.  We took some photos outside the cinema building as it is our first time watching in a Cineplex cinema in Canada.
Cineplex Cinemas at Highway 7, Vaughan ON Canada

The temperature was 2deg C when we got in. This is how Cineplex looks like from the inside.  

There are 19 cinemas here in Cineplex Cinemas.
Master Yoda looking at the far far away galaxy.
We scanned the ticket code that was sent to us through the booking site.   Each show lasts for 2 hours and 16 minutes. We arrived 30 minutes earlier so we had to wait outside the cinema.  That gave us a chance to take another set of photos.  

We were then instructed to go in and picked a pair of 3D glasses, 2 for adult and 2 for kids.  That little cute guy in the picture was eager to press the D-Box setting buttons beside the chair.

Buttons to set the intensity of the D-Box seat.
There are two buttons that you'll press to set the intensity of the D-Box.  It will change how it shakes and incline as it responds with the movie.  One is the negative (-) and the other is (+).  Pressing one will increase or decrease the intensity and indicated by the green-light indicator bars.  Setting the minimum setpoint will disable the D-Box.

Sadly, throughout the movie, TOM set his setting to a minimum.  He was afraid of the shaking and rocking of the seat when X-wings came for battle.

How D-Box Works?
The D-Box experience is amazing, so I wondered how the seat responds with the movie scene.  This is how I found out the technology behind it.

I highly recommend trying the D-Box when watching great films.  It creates a totally different experience.  You can feel the movie in 4D and feels like you're in it.

Have you experienced D-Box once in your life?  Try it and leave your comment below.

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