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12 November 2017

10 Reasons You Need an Immigration Lawyer

When I applied for Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada, I did it myself for the following reasons.
1. I had a lot of time in Singapore sorting out my documents and inquiring about the application.
2. In our case, although we are family of four, it doesn’t have complex issues.
3. I had experienced the process three times, first in 2003, then in 2007, and the latest was 2013. It gave me confidence to do it myself.
4. I had limited money and decided to use the lawyer’s fee for my settlement fund instead. 
If your case is complicated and you are not confident to do it yourself, don’t worry there is another option.

You can hire an Immigration Lawyer.

A friend of mine, Krystal, asked me if her team could create a guest post for MeMovingToCanada. I told her as long as it helps PR applicants or immigrants who want to apply for Citizenship, I’ll give it a go.

She showed me the advantages on getting the service of an Immigration Lawyer (IL) and I think it will be helpful for you to know this option. It’s up for you to decide.

Here it is…

Guest Post Author: My Visa Source 
Immigrants Seeking Their Permanent Residence in Canada Often Encounter Application Issues 
Whether a foreigner is seeking to immigrate to Canada, or a permanent resident applying for their Canadian Citizenship, it is common for them to encounter hiccups along the way. Due to a string of factors, immigrants often encounter issues when applying for a Canadian visa or permanent residence, which can prolong their application process.

The Canadian Immigration Process can be Complex 
 Canada’s main goal, in regard to immigration, is to welcome foreigners into a country that has economic opportunities. To do so, the Canadian governments must ensure that their immigration process is bulletproof. What this entails is that immigrants need to have the right credentials and documentation to enter the country. However, yearly changes to Canadian immigration requirements can make the process difficult to keep up with.

Immigrants are Facing Long Immigration Periods 
As the Canadian immigration process is hit with more regulations and timely deadlines, it isn’t surprising to hear that many immigrants do not make the cut. Due to unprecedented immigration deadlines and inaccurate paperwork, immigrants can face longer immigration periods than anticipated.

Immigration Processes Can be Prolonged or Denied Due to Discrepancies
When a Canadian immigration officer is analyzing an applicant’s file, the last thing they want is to encounter a discrepancy. Should one be spotted, an applicant’s process can be denied or sent back. Immigrants who are represented by an Immigration Lawyer (IL) are less likely to experience this setback. In order to become a Canadian resident, hiring proper representation and sending in a flawless immigration file is ideal.

Hiring an Immigration Lawyer Can Speed Up the Process 
By hiring an IL to represent your case, your immigration process’s time frame can be significantly reduced provided that all documentations are in order and correspondence with the IL’s requests are fast. This can give immigrants extra time to sort out their finances, find work, find housing opportunities, and settle in.

Find the Right Immigration Lawyer for You 
When in the process of hiring an immigration lawyer, it is wise to do the following:
- Verify the IL’s Canadian registration and standing
- Get their fees in writing
- Read testimonials
- Meet with a handful of professionals before making a choice
- Thoroughly review the contract before signing and issuing fees

Here are 10 reasons you can benefit from hiring a Canadian immigration lawyer: 
1. You’ve put in time and effort into acquiring your Canadian citizenship but to no avail.
2. Canadian immigration laws are constantly changing.
3. You’re having trouble filing the correct forms.
4. IL’s are experienced and hold themselves to high standards.
5. IL’s will know your case, and fight for your rights.
6. IL’s are up to date with immigration deadlines, and will file due forms on time.
7. IL’s can save an applicant both time and money.
8. Hiring an IL can better an applicant’s chance of success.
9. IL’s have the answers to your questions, and will guide you through your immigration process.
10. An IL can suggest different immigration routes due to their knowledge in Canadian visas.

Have you been spending a lot of time trying to acquire your Canadian citizenship? Could you use some assistance with this last step toward becoming a Canadian? Contact your Immigration Lawyer today at 

Disclosure: This is a free guest post from The Me Moving To Canada team and the founder are not affiliated with and its team. Applicants are responsible to do due diligence before engaging with Immigration Lawyers as stated in the above paragraph entitled “Find the Right Immigration Lawyer for You”. Having a Lawyer or Do It Yourself (DIY) option does not guarantee positive results in your application.


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