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16 April 2015

MM2C NEWS: MM2C Subscriber Got A Very Good News!

Helping someone achieve his dream is the best feeling money can't buy.  Few days ago, one MM2C subscriber emailed me to share his good news.

Before I start sharing,  I want to let you know that few months ago, when I was in Singapore, I met him and made a post about it.

Meeting with an FSW Applicant and MM2C Subscriber

What is the Good News?
He sent me an email...
"Hi Ben,
Just want to share with you, I got my PPR.
I have sent my passport using VFS to Visa office and now I am waiting for the passport to return to me with the visa on it hopefully. 
Now, I am worried about finding accommodation in Canada. One of my facebook friends who is living in Vancouver told me that he has room to rent in his house. But I am not sure Vancouver is the right place for new immigrant who is looking for job.
If you have time, please share what is the best option of accommodation for single new immigrant like me. 
How is your life in Canada so far? "
If you are still not familiar with the FSW abbreviations, like PPR, it's a PassPort Request.  When you get this request, that means you had passed the Medical Exam and Police Clearances.  

Then, Canada will give you the most important sticker in the world, the VISA!  Here's my experience with it...

 My Answer to His E-mail
"Hi Friend,
WOW! Congratulations!
I'm so happy to know that you have your Passport request and soon to receive your Visa.
My suggestion for you, since you have a friend in Vancouver, that you stay there first and try to find a job.  Your friend can help you settle there in every step of the way.  
The good thing also is that you can have a room to rent with him.
Compared to living in Toronto, it's difficult for you to settle here if you don't have someone to stay with.  
Although there are lots of apartments and basement houses here that you can rent, but you will be with a complete stranger.  It will cost you around C$500-$1000/per month to have a 1-bedroom flat here. It might cost you around C$300-500 for a bedroom or in a basement.  This is only my estimate. 
I am not familiar with the employment in Vancouver. But in Toronto, there are lots of survival jobs here especially when you land during school time.  You can work in factories while applying for the perfect job. 
For now, I'm working in my field, not an assembler anymore. My job is the same in Singapore, my NOC, which is Instrument Technician and mechanic.  My salary is higher than in Singapore.   
If you have read my wife's post in my blog, she is now a full-time housewife.  We can still have our savings with this setup with the help of the Free education for my kids and allowance from the government.  For now, we are good and happy! 
It's up to you to decide and let me know where you want to land."
Federal Skilled Worker application was the most difficult program that I've been through.  A lot of time and money I'd sacrificed.  All I can say for now is that...


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16 July 2014

Passport Submission at Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC) Experience

Now is the start of my preparation for my Moving to Canada or shall I say Migrate to Canada.

After receiving the Visa Approval letter from the Canadian Embassy in Manila, I was instructed to submit the required documents to the High Commission of Canada in Singapore.  

It's a bit confusing at my part because the Canadian Embassy in Manila has been processing my documents and medicals, but as for the submission of passports, they handed it over to the High Commission of Canada in Singapore.

Anyway, it's their rules and I should just follow it.  I was instructed to prepare the following documents.
  • Original Passports for me and all my accompanying dependents
  • Appendix A - a tabular form that was included in the letter, which I need to indicate all our passport details and other information.
  • Photos (2) pieces passport size - this is specified in the Appendix B, which is also included in the letter.
  • Although the letter itself was not included in the list, better bring it along.  They need it.
I was given 30 days to submit the requirements or else my application will be refused.

Where I Submitted the Required Documents?
It was a perfect timing when I went to Philippines for a vacation because I was given an opportunity to get the passports of my dependents and our photos.

The letter states that I need to submit all the required documents at the Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC). So, I researched the center's location in Singapore. I got these information:

Canada Visa Application Center

20 Cecil St.
#11-02 to 05 Equity Plaza
Singapore 049705

My Experience at the Canada Visa Application Center
Lucky enough that I was given a free time and a chance to go to the Canada Visa Application Center (CVAC).

The night before that, I prepared all the required documents to avoid panic on the next day of submission.

As instructed on the letter, I did the following:
  • Organized the passports according to age (principal appicant to my youngest son).  Removed the plastic covers, left it bare.
  • Placed 2 photos inside a small envelope for each of the dependents and labeled with the details below.  I have a total of 4 envelopes.
Application Number
Name of the Photo Owner
  • Filled up the appendix A and placed the following information at the top left most part of the document.
Name of Applicant
Application Number
Return Address
Contact Number/s
  • Inserted all the documents inside a big envelope for easy handling to CVAC. 
The next day, I prepared the things as early as I can.  Took the MRT GREEN line and alighted at Raffles Place MRT Station.

I followed the way to EXIT E, which is going to the Equity Plaza building.  This is how it looks like standing outside the exit.

Way to Equity Plaza Building
I crossed the D'almeida St. heading to the brown building.  The Equity Plaza is at the next building.

Walked the isle heading to Equity Plaza
I walked pass through the isle going to the Equity Plaza building and saw this entrance.

Entrance of Equity Plaza
 At the right side of the building, there's a small entrance leading to the lobby.

Equity Plaza Building (Canada Visa Application Center) Lobby

At the lobby, the guard asked for my Identification Card (IC) for their recording.  Then he pressed the button to open the gate.

I proceeded to the 11th floor and found few people at the entrance.  The guard at the entrance instructed me to turn off the cellphone and checked my body with a metal detector.  Then he gave me a queuing number.

I went into a small room, labeled VFS Canada Visa Application Center.  There are only two counters because of the room size.

The lady called my number and asked me about my purpose.  After telling her the reason, she instructed me to produce all the documents and asked me to wait for a while.

After 5 minutes, she stamped stickers on each passports and the letter.  Then she asked me to pay for the 4 passports and also offered me if I prefer to collect personally or use the service of a courier.

They also have an SMS service where they will inform the customer about the status of the passport though text message.

For me, I'd rather collect it personally to avoid conflict of time at my house and at least the passports are secured at their premises.

I did not avail of the SMS service since I can check the status online.

Each passport costs SGD32.85.  So I paid a total of S$131.40 for the four of us.  The lady informed me that the process takes 3-5 days if no problem arises.  The whole process took around 30 minutes to finish.

This is it, I need to prepare for our airline tickets.  Follow me by checking my blog from time to time.  I will post the status of each procedures until I reach Canada.

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