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12 July 2014

VISA APPROVED for Federal Skilled Worker Canada: My Experience

Let me record this date so I can’t forget it for the rest of my life.  

On 10 July, 2014, at exactly 12 months since the submission of my Full Application to Canada and a day before my son’s birthday, is the one of the most celebrated day of my life! 

For my son TOM,
This is the best birthday gift that I will give you and your Kuya that will change your future.

Someday, when you start to read and digest sentences, you’ll be able to understand why your Dad had to be working in Singapore, away from all of you. 
Read this story and the rest of the blog because all of these are for you and your Kuya. 
- Dad
How I Got the Good News?
The smell of durian was all over inside the MRT, it was from the plastic bag carried by one of the tourist.  He doesn’t know that bringing durian inside the MRT is prohibited and he could be penalized for doing that.

This reminded me of Geylang, where you can eat durians 3 for $10. 

My luggage weighed 10.35kg and I’m sure that they won’t bother to fine me for this extra 0.35kg.  To make sure, I carried my laptop bag at my back and placed some things at my jacket.

At the check-in counter, I placed my handcarried luggage at the weighing scale.  As usual, without check-in baggage.  Then, the booking lady handed me my boarding pass with an isle seat, which I’ve requested beforehand.

The immigration was full of passengers queuing at each counter.  It was not a problem for me since I can pass through using the automatic immigration clearance machine for Long Term Pass holders.

Inside the Terminal 2, I bought the Bee Cheng Hiang "bak kwa"" for my sons.  They love it a lot.

At the second floor of the Terminal 2, I found a Subway outlet and bought a vegetable patty sandwich.  It caused me SGD6.90.  Ate it while on my way to the gate.

I sat down and set my phone to tethering mode /hot spot so I can access the internet with my laptop.  

Feeling full and comfortable, I opened my laptop to see the latest news at my FB account and posted at my website a new post.  

Then, I wondered if what was in my Yahoo mail account.  Logged in with my user name and my password and pressed Enter.

The browser displayed the latest emails in Bold letters and one of them was the news that came from the sender MANILImMIGRATION@....

At this moment, I knew that there will be tears or a smile once I opened this email.  Took a deep breath with a closed eyes, then I clicked on to the message.

My eyes don’t know where to start reading as I’m looking for the word Approved or Regret.

Then, I read the words:

“Dear Applicant,

Please find the attached letter for your application for permanent residence.”...

My heart starts to pound to the heart rate that I usually don’t feel.  Another breath of air to my lungs with a slight contraction from my stomach.

I scrolled down and opened the attachment with my name labelled on it, hovered and clicked the mouse to open the document.

Then a letter appeared from a shocked and focused eyes with the following words.


This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada. We are now ready to issue your immigration visa(s).

Your visa(s) will be valid for your initial entry to Canada until (mm/dd/yy).

In order to complete the process, you must submit all of the following:”…..

The moment I read the words READY TO ISSUE YOUR IMMIGRATION VISA, I stopped reading the letter and looked up to the ceiling, felt the air-conditioned room inside the boarding gate.  

The sound of the television, screening the football game of Argentina vs Netherlands, was passing through both of my eardrums.

Stilled looking up the ceiling, I closed my eyes and whispered slowly “Thank you Lord”, while hands uncontrollably trembling.  

One of the best feeling that happened to me since my wife told me her sweet YES.
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  1. Congratulation, I am so happy for you.

  2. Congrats Ben! What a pleasant surprise! :)

    1. Thank you Gobble, it's a totally different feeling.

  3. Capital W O W!..... WOW!

  4. Congrats Kuya Ben. You deserved it. Keep inspiring other people! Thank you.

  5. Congratulations!!! all the best for u r future.....

    1. Thanks Ambarish, looking forward to your good news soon.

  6. Well I am in Singapore already, joined here on 14th July. Doing good, still using u r blogs as a reference... Thanks and keep us posted.

  7. Hi Ben,

    Just started reading your blog. I found it very helpful and browsing through all of your inputs inspired me further to pursue the Canada immigration. I've been researching for a week now, and it seemed so complicated, but after this, I think things will be easier. Too bad, I wasn't able to be at your 27 Sept event, it would have been nice. Keep on inspiring people. God bless.



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