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11 May 2014

How I Sent My FSW Application Documents to Nova Scotia, Canada

Sending the documents to Nova Scotia is not a rocket science.  I don't know the reason why it's so difficult for me to consolidate my full application before sending it to the Canadian Embassy in Nova Scotia.

It's so simple that packaging it was so hard to decide.

  • Do I need to staple each document?  
  • What is the size of the paper that I use?  
  • Do I need a paper clip?  

So simple, yet so many questions...

Can I Staple the Documents?
There are documents that has more than 1 page such as:

1. Certificate of Employment
2. Additional Information sheets  (specially if you have long list of family information)
3. The application forms 
....and others.

I stapled the documents that has 2 or more pages together.

What Paper and Envelope Should I Use?
The documents such as the additional information sheets should be printed by the applicant.  I printed it in an A4 size paper.  

There is no problem with this in Singapore since almost all of the offices uses A4.  If you can not get from your office, you can buy this paper at the Popular or any book store in Singapore.

I inserted my documents inside a white large envelope and made sure that the A4-sized documents fits into it.

How Did I Compile my Documents?
After the gathering the documents and ready for packing, these were the next steps that I did:

1. I photocopied each document for my personal filing. 
2. I printed the mailing address (From/To) in a piece of A4-sized paper, as stated in the instruction manual of Canada.  I stick  it using a glue at the back of the white envelope.
3.  I arranged the documents according to the order as written at the document checklist.  
4.  I placed the printed bar code pages on top of all the documents and the checklist.
5.  Inserted all the documents inside the white envelope WITHOUT paper clips.
6.  Sealed the white envelope with the use of the tongue (water is better). To be sure, add more glue.

Put a check mark at the Document Checklist (IMM5612) for those documents that you have included in your application, otherwise, put an X mark.  

I used a blue pen as it is mostly used by Singapore offices.  You can also use a black pen and there's no need to rely on computer technology this time.

As the document were sealed, I then took a deep breath, and whispered to myself...."GOOD LUCK!".

Here is the post about sending my document to Nova Scotia using the DHL.


  1. wow! this is really a great help :-) thanks for sharing :-) simple details but might have big impact on the application :-) thanks again :-)

  2. Hi Ben, did you request HR (current and previous jobs) to follow a specific format for the COE?

    1. Hi Zy, I made the format on my own and printed it in the company letterhead. I asked my manager to sign. All the information written there are true and correct and the manager approved it.

      Make your own format and give your HR a softcopy of it in MSWord so it's easy to cut and paste to the company letterhead. Make it easy with the HR. As long as you write the correct information in it, that should not be a problem.

  3. Hi Ben,

    Thanks a lot for the information. Please can I know what do I type in the dates box if I am currently working in a Job. From January 2014- Present? I cannot type present in the box.


    Omar Sarfraz

    1. Hi Omar, type in the current date, it's when you print the document. (ex: January 2014 - July 2014).

  4. Hi ben,
    Did you include self addressed enveloped?

    1. Yes, I included in my application. But, it is not an envelope, it is a piece of A4 paper (2pcs) and self addressed.

  5. Hi Ben,

    Sorry, this maybe a dumb question but I'm going to ask it anyway, is it ok to send multiple applications in 1 courier to Nova Scotia? My friend will be sending her application too and I thought maybe we can send it together? Of course we're going to have a separate envelopes inside. Thanks!

    1. This is not a dumb question but a powerful one, so far. Even though I didn't try this move, but it sounds viable.

      It doesn't say in the checklist or other forms that you can not send the application together with others.

      As it arrives in Nova Scotia, they will open the whole package and will see two applications. Since it has its own independent envelopes and designated labels. In my opinion, this should be OK.

  6. hi ben , the immigration sent me a request about my personal just confused if i will still include my certificate of employment with my application
    or is it ok not to include coe there?thank you.


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