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17 May 2014

My Medical Exam Procedure at the Raffles Hospital in Singapore

On my previous blog, I mentioned about how I prepared the documents for my medical exam.

To find out which hospital should I ask for an appointment,  I checked the list of hospitals and the  doctors in Singapore  from the list provided to me by the Canadian Immigration.  

See the list of Panel Physicians to find the doctor in your area.

After setting an appointment at the Raffles Hospital in Singapore,  which I found the telephone attendant more friendly than the other clinic, I searched its address online and found that it was just beside the Bugis MRT Station.

View Raffles Hospital in a larger map

What are the First Steps of My Medical Examination?
It was Saturday and lucky enough it's not raining. The appointment was around 9:00am and I entered the building entrance facing the Victoria St.  Good thing of having an appointment is that you don't have to queue.

The lady at the desk is attentive and I informed her that I'm having a medical examination for the Canadian Immigration requirement.  She handed me a form to fill up, around 5 pages.

I finished filling all the questions for around 20 minutes.  Then I stick the photos at the forms, using the glue that the lady had provided me.

I submitted back the form to the lady and she instructed me to wait for my number to be called. She handed me a bottle, where I need to place my urine sample.

The toilet was just at the corner and so I took samples of my urine.  I dropped the bottle at the Window 8 drop box as instructed.

I sat down the waiting area and waited for my number. 

Details of the Medical Examination
First, I was called to go inside the room, where the nurse took some blood samples.  This part is the worst for me because I hate needle poking.  I told her to signal me once she starts to poke the needle in to my skin.  It took around 10 minutes for the whole ordeal.

Second, I was then asked to wait outside for another instruction.  My number was displayed on the screen prompting me to go inside another room.  This time, the nurse took my height, weight and asked me to read the letters at the wall. Easy!

Third, again the waiting never stops until my number appeared once more and so I got inside the other room.  This time, it's the doctor...she asked me questions that are also almost the same as the one in the form. 

Then, she asked me to take off everything except the underwear and asked me to lie down, she pressed few corners of my stomach while asking questions like, do I have tattoos or operations.

She took my blood pressure and thank God it's normal.

I was then asked to wait for another step, which is the x-ray.  This is the fastest procedure, when I went in, I was then instructed to take off my upper clothing and asked to press my chest against the x-ray plate, took a deep breath and it's done!

After the Medical Exam Process, What's Next?
The next 3 minutes was waiting for the x-ray film that I never had a chance to see.  The nurse instructed me to pay at the counter, where I saw my x-ray film beside the cashier, and to pay the medical examination fee

The nurse informed me that they will directly send the results at the Canadian Embassy, Manila.  She wrote the phone number at my receipt to dial in case I need to inquire about the document tracking.

Tracking the Result Documents
Few weeks had passed, I called the Raffles Hospitalnumber to ask about the result of my medical.  They said that they cannot provide the information of the result but informed me that my documents have already been sent to the Canadian Embassy using their USAHA courier. 

So I called the USAHA courier for the update, the guy was friendly enough to provide me the DHL tracking number.

I found out at the DHL online tracking that the Raffles Hospital had sent the results 4 days after my exam procedure. 

Sending the documents from Singapore to the Canadian Embassy, Manila took 2 days.  The whole sending process was less than a week.

Hoping for a good result!


  1. Hi Ben, I checked on the CIC panel physicians website but Raffles is not on the list, and the last modified date of the page was Jul last year. May I know where you found that Raffles hospital is an eligible panel physician?

    1. You're correct, Raffles is no longer at the list at this link below.

      But, I was surprised to know that it was modified on 2013. I saw the list this 2014 and Raffles is still there at that time. It is weird, but I took my medical there and it's good.

      Just take your medical at the listed clinic. Good Luck!

  2. Thank you very much Ben. All the best with your life in Canada!


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