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07 May 2017

New Regulations on the Age of Dependent Child in Canada

The Government of Canada had released a news on May 3, 2017 regarding the changes to regulations for the family members that can be considered as DEPENDENT CHILD.

On the previous regulation, children under 19 years old can be considered as Dependent.  With the new changes that will take on October 24, 2017, children who are below 22 years old can be considered as Dependent.

What will be the benefit of the changes?
Raising the age requirement will give more hopes to families who want to immigrate to Canada.

It will apply to new applications for all immigration programs such as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, including for refugees.

Those families who have children below 22 years old and were planning to immigrate to Canada can include them as dependent children in their immigration application after the changes take effect.

How About Children 22 Years and Older with physical and metal condition?
If a family has a child who is 22 years and older with physical and mental condition who rely with their parent will continue to be considered as dependent child.

More number of families will be positively affected by this changes and will enhance the family reunification in Canada.

Thank you Canada!

Here is the link of the full article posted on the Government of Canada website on May 3, 2017.


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