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15 July 2013

When to Take IELTS for FSW?

This is just my friendly advice to you, so that one's mistake will only be somebody's lesson...that includes YOU.

What is the Validity of IELTS?
IELTS is only valid for two years.  It's enough to say that once you take the exam, the validity time is now ticking.  After two years, your investment will be gone and you need to take another exam with the corresponding fee.

I took my IELTS last year 2012, knowing that I will submit my application.  But, I was surprised, the job that I was applying for in the Federal Skilled Worker stream was already closed.  I think you feel how I felt at that moment.

That is why I was hoping that Canada will release a new job listing that will include my current job on 2013.  Now, I got lucky because my current job and its description is eligible for Federal Skilled Worker stream, a perfect fit.

Recommendation for Taking the IELTS
This is just one lucky incident, what if my job was not included?  It is just a total waste of time and money because Canada will only release the next rules next year, May 2014.  At that time, my IELTS is already expired.

My recommendation is that you take the IELTS only as soon as you know that you are eligible with the new rules for the Canadian FSW.  Do not take it in advance.


  1. Hi Ben,
    So FSW new rules come out every year, is it? Its around which month?
    I am working as Account and how can i check whether they open for that job in 2018 or not?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Based on my experience, the changes for FSW rules is not fixed. It depends on the industry demand, official consensus, and etc... You need to create a profile in the Express Entry.


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