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16 April 2014

Police Clearance and Right of Permanent Residence Fee

They say that things comes-in when least expected.

On April 14, 2014, as I opened my email while sitting at my office desk.  A message popped up and it came from the Manila Canadian Embassy.

It was the update that I've waited for so long.  The email has attachments and it states that I need to print those to facilitate my application.

In the email, there is a letter that requires me to submit, here are the lists:

1. Singapore Police Clearance
The form consists of a Singapore Police Certificate request, which is an appeal to apply for a Certificate of Clearance (COC) and a form to fill up some personal details.   This needs to be processed personally at the Singapore Police office.  I was given 60 days to submit this request.

2. Philippine National Bureau of Investigation Clearance
Even though I'm working in Singapore for more than few years now, I still need to provide the NBI Clearance for my Canadian Immigration application.  I have a slight problem on this because Canada asked me to submit it within 30 days but the earliest NBI fingerprinting schedule in Singapore is in the next 2 months.

I guess that I need to go back and process it in the Philippines. 

3.  Right of Permanent Residence Fee
This fee is separate from the application fee that I paid when I submitted my application to Nova Scotia. 

This requires me to pay to the Canadian Embassy C$490 per adult, who is 22 years of age and above. That means me and my wife will pay C$980.00 in total.

I'll give you the details soon...


  1. hi bro, just want to ask regarding the police clearance. is that the first time you are instructed to get one or the one that you sent originally with the application expired? thanks a lot.

  2. It's my first time to get one. I wrote a letter together with my application that I will not include my NBI clearance because it has only 3 months validity. I stated in my letter that I will provide the NBI once they request the Singapore Police Clearance, so I could submit it together.

  3. Hi Ben,

    Now I am reading what to submit with the main application form. Based on your write up, I think I also need to provide Police clearance from Singapore and Myanmar.

    For the Settlement Funds,
    - I open Fixed deposite account last week. I saw in some forum that the FD account must be at least three months old. Can you share how did you do to prove settlement funds?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Tun, Yes you'll need the Singapore clearance..I'm not sure with the Myanmar. You can submit the clearance once requested, just like what I did.

      For the settlement funds, you need more than 3 month old account. Please check my post tomorrow, 25 May about the Settlement Fund.

    2. Hi Ben,

      Thank you, I will come and check your new post. One of my friends told me it take up to 3 weeks to get police clearance (Singapore). Is that true?

      For the Settlement fund, Actually I have the money in my saving account which it more than sufficient for the amount they ask since last year. I am not sure that can be a proof.

      One more question (Sorry), my birth cert notary was done on 2004 which is 10 years ago. Can I still use that one when I submit the application? Some say notary need to be like within 1 or 2 yrs old only. But I am thinking transcript like birth cert will always be the same?

      Sorry for asking you so many question again. You have being very helpful.


    3. Hi Tun, You're so welcome to ask me anytime. The truth is, I would like to thank you for having questions like this because I don't have any idea what my readers need to know. Ask me anytime.

      As for your questions, I'll make it in an individual post to be organized. I'll keep you posted about that.

      I'll suggest that put your questions at my ASK ME section. So I can organize it nicely.

      To answer few of your questions:
      1. Settlement funds- 1 bank account is sufficient as long as it satisfies the minimum required amount by the Canada. Add your CPF by the way.
      2. Singapore Police clearance - Yes, it took me 3 weeks to get one...but you can only get it once Canada will provide you the Request for SG Police Clearance. You cannot send this together with your application package. This will be submitted at a later date.

      3.Birth Certificate - I used mine, an original copy, which I got since 2007. As long as it's original and was taken from your government bureau, it should be fine.

      What I know about notary is a copy of an original which is signed by a lawyer. In Philippines, we get our recognized original Birth Certificate at our National Statistics Office.

      You can send the notarized copy that is signed by a lawyer.

  4. Hi Ben,

    I'm a P2C member like you and I got your BlogSpot from that forum.

    I initially planned to lodge my immigration application to Canada as an FSW (under NOC 2263), but for the reason of securing police clearance, I hesitated. You see, have worked for 2 years in the KSA. Though it was more that 10 years ago (and I am now based in Manila since then), I was anticipating the difficulties I shall be facing when the time comes that I shall be asked to show my KSA PC. From the posts of some P2C members with the same KSA issues, they claimed that it is close to impossible to acquire KSA PC if you are not anymore there physically.
    Luckily, my wife has a sponsor for MPNP. Since we don't have family ties outside Manitoba (the province will question and reject your application if proven you have close family ties in other Canadian province), we decided to apply in the MPNP.
    Since the FSW form requires me to list only my work experience and travels for the past 10 years, is it safe to assume that they'll never require my KSA PC? I ask this because FSW have increased it's quota for applicants and this shall be my Plan B in case our MPNP result is not in our favor.


    1. Hi Dreyt, first of all, thanks for visiting my blog. At the application for FSW, there is a portion there that you have to provide the following:
      1. All your addresses
      2. Countries travelled
      3. Employment history

      These are from age 18 or the past 10 years (whichever is the latest). The above lists, in my opinion, are the basis for them to request a police certificate from you.

      Since your job is over 10 years ago, there's no need for you to inform Canada about it and so with the Police Clearance from KSA.

    2. For those applicants that need a police certificate from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here is the link...

  5. Thanks for the reply Ben,

    I was inclined to think the same reasoning. However, a senior member of P2C (and also on my own hindsight) have mentioned that my KSA PC "may" still be asked (especially when asked for work history previous my stated 10 years background.

    As for MPNP, my wife is the principal applicant and so I have less worry about the KSA PC issue (in addition, MPNP also asks only the same info from us (from age 18 or the past 10 years, whichever is the latest).

    I've already read the link that you advised. It refers the requestor to seek PC from the KSA embassy. Sadly, based on what I read from different blogs, it is close to impossible to get it from there. They usually ask for your "iqama" which is the work permit documents that you must have in order to work in KSA. However, you need to surrender it upon exit from KSA. They also require finger prints. It is best to be in the KSA for positive result, meaning, you secure the PC prior to your exit from the contry.

    A remedy that was done by others with the same case, was to get a "certificate of no derogatory record" form the Council of Muslim Affairs and to write an affidavit to CIC stating the reasons why you can't provide the PC. I am not comfortable with this action, since I shall be at the mercy of the IO (whether or not he/she accepts it).

    OT : What province or city in Canada are you headed?


    .... just keep swimming ...


    1. As what you've said that it's more than 10 years will not include this at your records in the application form because it clearly stated that 18th birthday or the past 10years . Then Canadian embassy will have no information about your KSA affairs and they will not get any PC for countries that was not mentioned in your forms. There will be no basis for them to get a PC since they don't know the fact that you are there and it's because it's more than 10 years ago...Sorry for being repetitive for the 10 years....I hope you get my point.

      So, my suggestion is that you will not provide them your PC in KSA. No need to bother on this.

      I'm applying for Ontario. Hoping for a good result!!!

    2. In addition to this, I have previous work that was 10 years ago, although it's in Philippines, but I did not include the Certificate of Employment of that job in my application. I was not asked for more information on my employment beyond the 10-year time. I hope this helps.

    3. Thanks.


  6. Hi Ben, i would like to ask about the nbi clearance. Do the Singapore PR still need to get that? Rgds

    1. Hi Wadz, if a person had stayed in a country for more than 6 months, you need to provide a copy of the police clearance. Philippines National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance is required.

  7. Hi Ben,

    I just want to ask about your SG COC. Since you waited for 3weeks (was it 3 calendar weeks or 3 work weeks) to get it, did you had enough time to comply with the visa office requirement of sending it to them within 30days?

    thanks & regards,

    1. HI Cyclone, Yes 3 calendar weeks. But, Canada gave me 60 days to comply. I had more than enough time.

  8. Hi Ben,

    I just received a nomination from Prince Edward Island. I have not yet given with an ITA but I'm planning to get SG Police clearance and NBI clearance beforehand. Can I do this? Or I need to wait for CIC to request me to get those? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Vanessa, you can't have the SG Police Clearance if you don't have the request letter from the CIC. Get an NBI as soon as possible just to check whether you have a HIT or not. At least you can clear that HIT if there is any. If there's none and it expires, get another one.

    2. Oh I see...thank you for your quick response Ben. I'm getting my NBI soon, lucky there's available slot next week at the Philippine Embassy. NBI Clearance validity is 1 year right?

    3. No, it should be NOT more than 6 months before you apply for Canada immigration.

  9. Hi Ben,

    I'm in the process of my PR application. CIC requested me to provide Singapore Certificate of Clearance. I read in the Singapore Police Force website that there is this appeal form. Did you also filled this form up when you applied for the clearance?

  10. I got my police clearance through They are real forensic professionals with excellent follow up..! Good luck guys.


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