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05 June 2014

50 Eligible Occupations for Federal Skilled Worker Canadian Immigration 2014

As of May 1, 2014, Canada released the new set of occupations that are eligible to apply for the Federal Skilled Worker category for the Canadian immigration program.

Before applying for the FSW, you must check the list below to know which occupation that you have experienced for at least one year of continuous, full-time (or at least equal amount of part-time) with salary within the last 10 years.  

Click on each occupation below to know its corresponding job descriptions.  

Please remember that once you click a job number, it will direct you to the Canadian National Occupational Classification official website. 
What are the 50 Eligible Occupations for FSW Canadian Immigration 2014?
This affects you only if you applied on or after May 1, 2014. If we got your application before that date, we will process it using the rules that were in effect at that time.
You must have one year of continuous, full-time (or an equal amount of part-time) paid work experience, in at least one of these occupations within the last ten years:
These occupations are either:

After You Know the Code, What's Next?
After you've checked your occupation and its corresponding job description, remember that you need to show a proof of this occupation.  You will later indicate this code at the application form.

You need to have a Certificate of Employment (COE) or Letter of Reference from your latest or the previous company as a proof of your experience.

Take note, you must get an original copy from your employer, better ask for 2 or more copies, have it photocopied.  Do not send the original with the forms yet, send the photocopy instead. The original may be requested later by the Visa Officer.

For all the contents of your Letter of Reference or COE.  Check the checklist below under "No. 12 - Work Experience ".

Checklist for Document Checklist (FSW Canada 2014) Source: 

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