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06 August 2014

Principal Applicant Will Land First and Dependents Will Follow

Someone had asked me, "Why do you need to bring all your family together to Canada instead of you going first?"
The idea is, when our Visa arrives, I will purchase my one way ticket only.  Then pack my things, get to the flight and arrive in Canada.  After that, find a job that fits or potential for retirement.
Once stable, I will purchase one way tickets for my dependents so we can be together in Canada forever...
This is doable and there are advantages for this move as well.   It's financially convenient and I will be more flexible.

Yes, this is a good plan, wherein I don't need to a have huge amount of budget to be able to survive in a new environment.  Wherever the work is, I can transfer to any place at any time, no hassles.

Reasons Not to Leave my Dependents Behind
Some of you might disagree with me, of course, this decision is not for everyone.  For me, this is not what I want that is why I need to explain this further to clear things up.

It's good to have these kind of suggestions so we can have our other options.  But, as a human being, I'm still allowed to do my own actions.  Let me tell you my reasons.

For several years, I've been away with my family.  In fact, the reason why I applied for this Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada is to be reunited with them and fulfill my long time dream.

If you have not experienced what it was like to leave your family behind, I envy you for that.  For me, it's a huge sacrifice for my whole life.  Seeing my children grow through Skype is depressing and regrettable.

It's true, I have a descent amount of salary here in Singapore.  But, I don't have a descent amount of motivation, inspiration for my well-being?

What Would It Be Like Going Together With Dependents in Canada?
Do you want to have these memorable moments from your kids such as this?
  • First flight with my Dad.
  • We are three in a row, I'm at the window seat looking at the clouds while Dad's sleeping.
  • Mom and Dad carried those heavy boxes, I hope my muscles are huge enough to do that.
  • Dad gave me his coat, it's cold here in Toronto Pearson Airport.
  • Our first house in Toronto.  Dad's is so excited to open the main door but got the kitchen key instead. 
Although we're not there yet, this is what I want to experience.  This journey is not for me, this is for my kids' future.

I don't want to waste my time here in Singapore.  Life is short and I need to fill up my lapses with my children and wife.

Having my family with me all throughout this journey is what my RED Maple Leaf is all about.

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gobbledegook said...

That's really sweet, anyway, being in a family is about going through thick and thin... You will do fine in Canada!

Z said...

Hi Ben,

Would you know if one can land in Canada but retain an EP status in SG?

Ben Alagnam said...

Yes, as long as your employer allows you to have a leave of absence for a couple of days and your EP is still valid. But you cannot go back to Canada without the PR card. You have to wait for the card in Canada for a few weeks or go back to Singapore and ask someone in Canada mail your PR card once available.

For me, this is not a good move, because you eventually need to go back to Singapore to settle your EP. And these are the additional concerns...
-first, you will waste around USD1,800-USD2,000 for your flight ticket.
- Prolonging your stay in Singapore will also add to your expenses like tax, house rental..etc.
-PR must live in Canada for at least two years in a five-year period. If you live outside of Canada for longer, you may lose your permanent resident status.
-Then, you have less chance of getting a job in Canada when you're in Singapore.
-You must have been physically present in Canada for a minimum of 730 days within the past five (5) years.
-Why will you prolong your stay in Singapore if you're a PR in Canada? It's your chance to move on with your life there.
-If you'll be waiting for the company Christmas bonus, it should be ok but is it worth the wait?

If you're married with kids, I don't think it's feasible.

Unknown said...

Your blog is very informative bro. I have been dreaming of migrating to Canada or Australia. I’m currently working in Singapore for almost 10yrs-w/ the same american company. PR was rejected twice, . Been procrastinating, and making excuses for myself (e.g. sales engineers may not be elligible as an FSW, etc). Your blog rekindled my plans. Will continue to read the rest of your blog formore information. Thank you very much bro. More power to you.

Ben Alagnam said...

You're welcome Fritz. It's great to have you here in my blog. Hope you'll have a positive outcome on your journey! Singapore had changed the rules on sponsoring relatives again and it's increasing the required salary. You need to have a stable status in a country or else you'll always be worried for another change of rules. Think it twice if you really will stay in Singapore for another 5 to 10 years.

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