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26 February 2018

Farewell Letter to My Colleagues in Singapore

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Few days ago, I was browsing my email and found the message that I sent to my colleagues before I left Singapore.

I remembered the last day of my work, preparing a cup of coffee and started writing the farewell letter to them.

The mixed emotions were deeply felt and I can't help but cry a little.  The four years of working with the company, my second family in Singapore, which I will leave behind be sadly remembered.  A team of workers were like brothers and sisters who has been in bad and good times together.

The coffee was still steaming hot as I typed in my first words. Cutting the cookies in half, thinking what words to type next, I came up with a beautifully crafted farewell letter...and here it goes.
"For the past 4 years, I’ve been lucky to be working with you, the team, with enviable reputation over the years that I would consider a privilege to be associated with. 
During my stay in Singapore, it’s been such a good experience, the joy and happiness at every day working with the team treating each other like one complete family. 
There is a moment in our lives where one member will need to go apart from the other to fulfill a longtime dream. It is my dream to immigrate to Canada that came first, which is a great opportunity for me to be together with my family once more and enhance my career goals and personal development in a new country.  
Again, it has been a pleasurable experience working with you, the rest of the South East Asia team, representing the company to the valuable customers in South East Asia, which will be truly missed. 
Hoping for the great growth and success of the company in the coming years. 
Hope to see you again in the next few years." 
Response From My Colleagues
The warm response from my colleagues from Indonesia, Cambodia, and Singapore began flooding my inbox.

This message was sent to me from our secretary.
"So touching, hiks…. ;( Your dream come true now, wish you and your family will enjoy and happy there. 
Good luck !! Please keep in touch with us, your family, always. 
See you soon."
Here's from my colleague in Cambodia..
"Wish you Good Luck and Success in your life . Hope see you again soon."
Here's one response from my Manager, who is so close to me like a brother...
"We feel the same like what you feel. The first come to our mind is upset and miserable, with a little bit joyful with tear.  
Its like a feeling from a parent seeing their kids grow up, married, and eventually moved out to live with their partner. 
A sudden of loneliness rush through our life. Imagine the rest of the day in the office there will be no more clown drinking coffee or eating snack in front of my desk. 
I had getting used of the snack crunching sound and a coffee sipping noise in front of my desk but suddenly become silent. 
No one is singing along with the radio which broadcasting the Mariah Carey – Emotion, using his very awful high pitch voice. It had come to an end now but also a beginning of a new story of your life. 
I wish you all the best in your future and success in your career. Winter season is coming. Removing the snow using a spade need to have a pair of strong arms.
Please wear gloves…. because it is cold. Good luck!! 
P/S: Do send us a red yellowish maple leave!"
Yes, as what the Manager stated in the letter, I am the clown, in the company, making sure that there were no dull moments while I'm inside the office and during our Monday morning meetings. 

It was never been a long, serious, and boring meeting when I'm with them.  For new employees, they may be wondering how a meeting came to a point that we were just laughing our hearts out while keeping the serious notes on track.

Those were the days that I missed a lot. 

I was happy because I will be reunited with my kids and wife again. On the other hand, I was sad because I will be leaving my Singapore brothers and sisters behind.  

For some of you, there are times when you feel bad about the wrongdoings of your colleagues. It will just pass by and only time can clean that.

Don't dwell on the bad things that they shared with you, but rather do with the best moments.  Treat them well as part of your family, a brother and sister.

Don't  burn bridges because you may pass that path again.

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