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09 July 2014

How to Check the Application Status in ECAS for FSW Canada?

After sending the complete application to Nova Scotia, Canada, I waited for 3 months to receive an acknowledgement letter from the Centralized Intake Office in Canada.

The letter simply stated that they have received my application and it is now subject for review.  That means, another letter will be sent to me if my application is eligible for further processing.

At that stage, I was given the Immigration Application number.  This number is important because it is used for transacting with the embassy.  Any email correspondence should indicate this number and also for checking the updates of my application.

In order for me to know the status of my application,  I usually visit the ECAS update at the official website of Canada.  This makes the immigration application number comes in handy.

How to Check the Application Process Using ECAS?
ECAS is short for Electronic Client Application Status and is used to track the application status of an FSW Canada applicant online.

The first step is to go to the ECAS Canadian website and key-in all the information.  For your convenience, I'll give you a brief instruction on what to expect when you get there.

Please take note that you need to have the FSW Canada Immigration Application to access the site.

At the provided link , this will prompt you the the following screen:

  • You need to select the category of your application at the drop-down menu and choose Permanent Residence Outside Canada and click SUBMIT.

  • Then, another menu will appear with another question on which category of permanent residence, you will choose Federal Skilled Worker, then click Submit.

  • At the next page, you need to scroll down to see and click the Check Application Status button.

  • Once you pressed the button, it will take a few seconds, around 6 seconds, to open a new page.  This time, you have to tick a small box that has under-label of "I have read, understood and agree with the above Terms and Conditions." and click Continue.

  • At the next page, you need to key in some important information and the Immigration Application Number provided. Key in or choose the following;
    • Identification Type: Immigration File Number / Application Number
    • Identification Number: key in your Immigration Application Number, this will be hidden as dotted characters for protection.
    • Surname
    • Date of Birth (follow the format as indicated)
    • Place of Birth
  • Press Continue
You can now view the status of your application and it looks like this.

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