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1. Cost for FSW - How much is the estimated cost to Move to Canada

2. Proof of Fund - How much is the settlement fund?

3. My Expenses - List of all my expenses since Day 1

4. My Timeline - An update of my application status and Life in Canada

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Unknown said...

Hi Ben,
First of all thank you so much for helping out with your inputs and suggestions. I had another query.
I know a lot has been already said and discussed about the NOC codes and the work experience letter. I am a SAP Consultant (technical). Started out as IT Systems Analyst (NOC 2171) and then as Technical Integration Analyst (NOC 2171) and left there as Integration Team Lead (NOC 2171). Started as an Independent SAP PI Consultant - i guess this will also under NOC 2171 - how can i clarify this?
I did contact the HR for my 2 previous companies where i worked in a permanent role for the work experience letter in line with the EE requirement. It was also mentioned that if the HR cannot provide a complete work experience letter, then i can also get my colleague to provide me with one listing the duties. Is that correct?
I am little worried that HR letter will not be as complete as i want it to be.
How should i proceed?
Please advise.

Ben Alagnam said...

Hi Archana, If the HR cannot provide a COE with the detailed Job Description, then you can request it from your immediate superior (supervisor, manager, etc..)

Please follow the checklist for the required details of the COE.

Marwandi said...

Hi Ben,

I was researching about Canada PR and i came across your blog.

It seems like Canada has change the point system. Do you know much about this new system for PR?

Ben Alagnam said...

Yes Marwandi, Canada changed the system. They have the new Comprehensive Ranking System. Read more about it here...

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