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12 June 2014

How To Get an NBI Clearance in Singapore?

If the Canadian Embassy requests a copy of your NBI clearance, usually they will ask for a time limit of 1 to 2 months for you to submit.

The process will be easy if you are in the Philippines and given that you have no previous criminal record or have the same name (namesake) with a criminal record.  If you do, the result will show in the computer as "WITH HIT".

Where Do I Get a Copy of the NBI Clearance in Singapore?
What if you are working in other country and it's not possible for you to process it? Is there any way to solve your problem?

You should go to a Philippine Embassy at the country where you stay and inquire on how to get an NBI clearance.

In Singapore, you need to set an appointment with the Philippine Embassy by sending them an email at and it may look like this.


Subject: NBI Fingerprinting Appointment

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

May I request for an appointment for the NBI fingerprinting on ______ ?

Sincerely yours,
To have an up to date procedure on how to get a copy of the NBI clearance in Singapore, please visit the official website of the Philippine Embassy in Singapore.

The consular office is open for the slots of NBI Fingerprinting from Monday to Friday at 4pm to 5pm only.
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24 May 2014

Getting NBI Clearance for FSW Applicants In Philippines

One requirement of the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration program is to check whether an applicant and his dependent, 22 years old and above, has a criminal record in any country where he stayed for more than 6 months.

In order for a Canadian Immigration Officer to assess a Filipino, either a citizen or a resident in any other country, that he don't have a criminal record is to request for a clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

If an applicant is residing in the Philippines, this will be easier.  

How to Get a Clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) when in Philippines?
Any Filipino citizen can request a copy of their clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation.  There is a new procedure wherein the applicant can now register an appointment with the NBI so that he can easily or should I say make the job easier for the Bureau to issue the copy.

An applicant for the NBI clearance should visit the NBI site, make an appointment and will go to the nearest NBI issuance station in their area.  Below are the links:

1. NBI Appointment website - This is where an applicant can register for an appointment.  Take note that the applicant should fill in all the necessary information and review it thoroughly to avoid spelling mistakes.

2. NBI Regional Offices - This is the site where you can see the list of NBI field offices per region.

3. List of NBI Clearance Issuance Station -  You can visit this site to know the nearest NBI clearance issuance station in your area.  The stations are listed at the website's NBI Clearance Advisory, which is found at the website's left sidebar.

4. NBI Clearance Procedure - Check out this section on the requirements and the process on how to get the NBI clearance.

My Experience Getting an NBI Clearance at the Duty Free Philippines Fiestamall, Manila
The Duty Free Philippines is not only the place for balikbayans who want to buy imported goods.  This is also a place where you can get an NBI clearance.  Where is it?

Duty Free is just beside the NAIA 1 and is along the Ninoy Aquino Avenue.

The NBI Clearance Office opens at 8:30am.  I went there at 4:30am because the guard told me that there will be lots of applicants coming in.  That is why I thought that I should be earlier than them.

To my surprise at 4:30am, as soon as I hit the gates, the guard informed me that they will only open the main gate at 7:00am.  Lucky that there is a Jollibee near the place, which is at the Unioil Gas station. So I went there to take my breakfast and kill the time.

At exactly 7:00am, I went back to the main gate and saw it was already opened.  So I hand-signalled the guard and I went in and walked heading to the left side, facing the Duty Free Entrance.  The office is near the Exit of the Duty Free building.

As soon as I arrived at the main entrance of the NBI office, there were more than 50 people waiting for the door to open.  WOW!  I thought that I was too early.

The man in uniform instructed us to write our names in the paper, which he placed on the table.  Everyone rushed to the table and I was so lucky that I'm near to that paper, so I was the number one.

Tip: The paper is only for those people that do not have an online appointment.

At 8:30am, the guard went out of the door entrance and called all the OEC applicants to submit their application forms.  He then called the NBI clearance online applicants and that includes me. 

He asked us to submit our online application forms and he went inside the office, closing the door tightly.

After a few minutes he went out and called all the OEC applicants and followed by us.  We were called 5 persons at a time.

I went inside the office and was asked to sit down and wait for my name to be called.  For around 5 minutes, the cashier shouted my name and asked me for the P115.00 payment. and she said that I will wait for my turn for my fingerprinting.

At the fingerprinting section, the lady asked me to place each fingers at the fingerprinting device (No Ink) and she asked me to review all my details at the monitor.  She submitted the information and the monitor displayed "WITH HIT"!

What is A WITH HIT or NO HIT?
If an applicant has a HIT, this only means that there is something to verify at the main office and the clearance will not be issued on the spot.  This will take 3 days to get the clearance.

A HIT means that you or someone has a record filed at the NBI and you need to clear this with the Quality Control first before they will issue the clearance.  At most cases, there are persons that has identical names and whose name has cases filed against the person and this will be considered as a HIT.

The officer wrote a date at the back of my receipt and instructed me to come back to their office after 3 days.

For persons that has NO HIT, their clearance will be printed and will be released after the fingerprinting process.

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