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12 June 2014

How To Get an NBI Clearance in Singapore?

If the Canadian Embassy requests a copy of your NBI clearance, usually they will ask for a time limit of 1 to 2 months for you to submit.

The process will be easy if you are in the Philippines and given that you have no previous criminal record or have the same name (namesake) with a criminal record.  If you do, the result will show in the computer as "WITH HIT".

Where Do I Get a Copy of the NBI Clearance in Singapore?
What if you are working in other country and it's not possible for you to process it? Is there any way to solve your problem?

You should go to a Philippine Embassy at the country where you stay and inquire on how to get an NBI clearance.

In Singapore, you need to set an appointment with the Philippine Embassy by sending them an email at and it may look like this.


Subject: NBI Fingerprinting Appointment

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

May I request for an appointment for the NBI fingerprinting on ______ ?

Sincerely yours,
To have an up to date procedure on how to get a copy of the NBI clearance in Singapore, please visit the official website of the Philippine Embassy in Singapore.

The consular office is open for the slots of NBI Fingerprinting from Monday to Friday at 4pm to 5pm only.
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Unknown said...

good day i just want to ask if how long i can wait if i apply my nbi for fingerprint herw in singapore

Unknown said...

Hi, just want to ask, the canadian immigration asked me already the NBI and i asked my mom to secure my NBI in behlaf of me in the phil. i already have the certificate but without the thumb print(which is one of the requirement of the immigration) does the nbi have an electronic copy of my thumb print since i sent it already attached to the application form? thanks.

Unknown said...

Hi Sir Ben, im ready submit my documents to CIC, do i need to submit NBI clearance together or wait until they requested me to submit the NBI clearance. Because i just booked an appointment to Phil Embassy for NBI thumb printing and it may takes a while for me to secure the clearance. Thank you sir

Ben Alagnam said...

Hi Rolando, a quick question, did CIC requested for it or is it listed in the requirements? If not, do not include what is not asked.

For more clarifications regarding this matter, please go to the MM2C Forum above this post. You must be registered to join the forum. See you there!

Unknown said...

Hello, have you send your NBI clearance to CIC without thumbprint? Since I am working abroad I asked my sister to secure a clearance in behalf of me in the Philippines. Is it okay to send as is (without thumbprint) or I need to affix my thumbprint and signature myself?

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