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14 September 2014

How to Get a Singapore Driving Certificate or Extract of Driving License Records

If you have a Driving License in Singapore and planning to immigrate to Canada on a Federal Skilled Worker Program , this post is right for you.

Since my first year, I've been driving in Singapore with a valid Singapore Driving License.  This license was converted from my Philippine to a Singapore license, which is also known as the Driving License Conversion.  I had explain this in details at one of my post here.

My brother in law in Toronto advised me to get a certificate from the Philippine Land Transportation Office (LTO) and Singapore Traffic Police to prove that I can drive a vehicle in Toronto, Canada.

In doing so, I can challenge the G2 test driving immediately so I can drive alone in Canada.  For this test, I won't be able to explain it further.  I'll update you on this as soon as I arrive in Toronto.

My Driving Experience

Driving both in Philippines and Singapore is confusing.  You know why?

In Singapore, the lane is at the left side, where you will be holding the steering wheel at the right side of the car and the gear is at the middle, it's a right-hand drive.

In Philippines it's the opposite, a left-hand drive, but the gear is still at the middle with the same gear orientation as with the right-hand drive.

Watch my YouTube Channel to have a better view on driving in Singapore.

Working and driving in Singapore everyday will get me used to driving in left lanes.  The problem is when I go back on vacation to Philippines, the lanes are at the opposite.

The first time I went home from Singapore to Philippines was so scary.  I had to close my eyes before driving and imagine my previous Philippine driving skills on changing lanes specially at the intersections.

That was a dilemma for quite sometime, but now, I had adjusted my brain by installing a switch at the back of my head, one for Philippines and the other is for the Singapore driving mode..:D

In Canada, I have to drive at the right lanes, just like in Philippines.  There will be little adjustment necessary. But I need to know the new set of road signs.

In this post, I will tell you my experience in getting a copy of the Driving Certificate in Singapore Traffic Police.  I'll just make a separate post for the Philippines LTO.

My Experience in Getting a Driving Certificate in Singapore

Since I got my license at the Bukit Batok Driving Center, few years ago,  I assumed that I can get a copy of the driving certificate there.

I went in the main entrance door and headed to the information center.  The lady at the desk was friendly enough to accommodate my queries but instructed me to take the stairs up to the second floor.

At the second floor,  the queue were not fully occupied, got the number and took a seat.  For about a few minutes, the queue screen displayed my number so I went to the counter to inquire.  I was then advised to visit the Singapore Traffic Police at Ubi Avenue because they are not allowed to issue the certificate.

She gave me a piece of paper, written with the address and contact number of the center.  Here it is...

Traffic Police HQ
#10 Ubi Avenue 3
Singapore 408865
General Inquiries: 6547 0000 Ext. 0

The next day, I went at the above address and parked at block 180.  Private vehicles, unless authorized, can not park inside the Traffic Police Headquarters.

It was not my first time visiting this place as I usually eat at their Cafeteria.  The food, for me, is one of the best in Singapore in a food-court category, the first stall in particular.  The taste of their food is superb, just like eating in a restaurant but the price is the same as the Hawker centers.

Anyway, enough for the food, as you enter the main building, you have to get a queuing number at the reception.  Then proceed to the counters at the right.  There are plenty of chairs there waiting for you.

I was assigned at the counter #2.  The counter desk officer was very accommodating and knowledgeable.  That moment, I found out that the document is not termed as Driving Certificate but it's an "Extract of Driving License Records". 

He gave me a form, filled it up with my particulars and submitted it to him again.  He instructed me to wait for the cashier for the payment process.

Around 5 minutes, a lady was calling my name, the cashier.  She informed me to pay SGD10.00 for the certificate.  Then, she immediately printed out the License Records in a 1 whole sheet of A4-sized paper and handed me a small envelope printed with the Singapore Traffic Police logo.

This is another additional expense for my immigration journey.  Read my FSW expenses here.

How to Go To Singapore Traffic Police Headquarter?

If you are not driving to the Traffic Police Headquarter, you can opt to take the bus.  Here are the list of bus services for you to choose.  Don't worry if you get lost, just look at the building with Singapore Traffic Police Sign.

Bus Services No. 
   8, 22, 24, 70, 76, 84, 152, 158, 864, 641   

Whether you're driving or commuting, you can refer to this map for your convenience.

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Z said...

Hi Ben

Did I get it right, if I have my DL extracted from SG and PH, I can use these as temp docs to drive in Canada?


Ben Alagnam said...

You can use the extract to challenge the G2 Driving Test. When you pass this test, then you can drive in Canada.

To drive immediately in Canada on arrival, you need to have an International Driver's Permit (IDP) with your country's local DL. This is limited only for a period of time (ex. In SG, it's 1 year). I'm not sure about the length in Canada.

Z said...

Thank you Ben!

k@peng_barako said...

Hi Ben,
Again, thanks for the informative post. Just wonder how does the extraction of DL looks like.. does it include the demerit/deductions and summons? ;-)


Ben Alagnam said...

Hi Barako, it will just state the issue date and the years of no demerits.

k@peng_barako said...

Thanks, Ben.


Unknown said...

Hi Ben,

Good day. Thanks for your valuable about your information and I would like to know when you do your driving license in Canada, they only request (i) Extract of Driving License Records from Singapore with your driving license or (ii) did they ask both Extract of Driving License Records from Singapore and Philippines?

I am planning to landing around October 2015 and I am from Myanmar. As I stayed in Singapore over 10 years and my driving license from Myanmar is expired and not renew for about 8 years. In Myanmar, if not renew more than 5 years, they delete my driving license and need to start from the beginning. If I do now, I am planning to do landing around Oct 2015, and my experience is just a few months only.

But for Singapore side, I have driving license since 2008 and I have IDP from Singapore (valid for 1 year until AUG 2016) also and I will go and get Extract of Driving License Records letter from Traffic Police Headquarters. That why I would like to know they ONLY request Singapore documents OR BOTH of your documents from Singapore AND Philippines. Please let me know.

If possible please let us know how is the procedure to do driving license in Canada. Thanks a lot.

Best Regards,
Myat Thu Soe

Ben Alagnam said...

They will get the driving experience from the country that you have the most years of experience. For you, it should be from SG.

You can take the exam once you're here because you have the experience already.

Unknown said...

what does it include inside this list?
I have Singapore license but so far i had not driven in Singapore before.

Unknown said...

Hi Ben,

Thanks for sharing your valuable information of extract driving cert.

Do you mind to describe in details of certificates? What is the information in the certificates? I never have driving experience in sg but I have sg car licence.

Unknown said...

hi Ben,
What if you are already in Canada? Can I get it from the embassy of Singapore?

Ben Alagnam said...

You contact the embassy using this link:

Unknown said...

Hello friend I want know that did you need of Philippines (home country) Extract of Driving License Records???

Ben Alagnam said...

For the driving document in Philippines, I had the LTO certificate with a red ribbon from DFA.

Unknown said...

Thanks brother help me.I want know eligiblity driving class 3 or 4 from Singapore ?? and you go on which class ???? and my home country is India.

Ben Alagnam said...

I did not go for a class because Philippines and Canada had an agreement which we only need to show our driving record. My driving experience is over 24 months, in Philippines and Singapore.

Ram said...

Hi Ben, Were you a PR or SC in Singapore before you moved to Canada. I am on an employment pass and my Singapore Driving License is tied to my Employment pass. So when I move to Canada my Singapore Employment pass will get cancelled (and so will be the validity on my Singapore DL).

If I get the extract alone in Singapore would that suffice even if the DL itself may not be valid at that point in time.

Unknown said...

Hi Ben, Hope you are fine. Actually my husband has Singapore driving license which he passed on 20 July 2017. At present time he is in U.K. he wanted to exchange his Singapore driving license with U,K but they need a confirmation letter for this that where and when he passed this test? but he does not know from where we can get this letter? could you please help us regarding this?

Ben Alagnam said...

You contact the embassy using this link:

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