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03 August 2015

Pursuing My Passion In Canada

For the past 10 years,  the dream to be in Canada was just a part of my fantasy.  Now, I had achieved it with my family.  Though there had been hardships along the way, it is now giving me back what I deserve little by little.

One of the best thing that happened to me here was having a good life with a decent job and intact family relationship.

What I haven't mentioned was that I had a very strong passion.  A passion that started way back 3 years ago when I was looking for something to get hold on to for my future investments.  It was only a few browse online, then I found it instantly.  It lured me during that moment and keeps me haunted until now.

It's been 3 years since and finally I got what I wanted most.

What's My Passion?
Precious Metals Stacking...YES, it's my passion. One of my fulfillment and gives me pleasure is when I get to hold a precious metal on my hand. Others will say their passion is all about collecting lots of jewelry, tons of branded shoes, expensive cars, and/or "golden" mansions.  Some would even say, taking care of high-end chicken for cockfighting.

Yes, I'm not kidding on the cockfighting thing. It's my Dad's passion back then.  Even though I grew up feeding these fighter cocks, I had never been passionate to follow my Dad's footstep.

The precious metals were now my THING.

Why the Precious Metals?
Having an entrepreneurial mindset that I got from my parents, I grew up thinking of having something that I can profit for.

I want to combine entrepreneurship and passion so I can live a better life doing two things at the same time.  This is why I became passionate about precious metals.

There were many options that I wanted to invest my money from and I had few of them in my portfolio.

Ever since I stumbled upon the precious metals, I can't get it out of my mind! I'm stuck with it.

One of the reasons of buying the precious metals is because of the value of the currency and inflation.
 The currency that we are using now is a piece of paper with printed faces of government leaders and coins that are made up of 60% less precious metals and mixed with alloys.  These pieces, when kept for a long time, will devalue with inflation.

As we all know, inflation is the increase of good's price against the currency per year.  That means, a kilo of rice today was worth more than the previous years.  It will not stop climbing.  I remembered back then when a kilo of rice was about P3.00 and now it's around P40.00, a 1,233% inflation rate.

So, do I care?  Yes, I need to have a way that can preserve the value of my money today.  This I found in the precious metals.

The price of GOLD for the last 10 years was US$400/oz, now, you can buy it for US$1100/oz.  The price of SILVER, on the other hand, was US$5.00/oz against the present of US$18.00/oz but was US45.00/oz last 2011.  The best advantage of having these things is that it won't rot.  Gold and Silver will remain Au and Ag for the next centuries and beyond.
Coversion: 1 Troy Ounce (Oz) = 31.1034768 gram
You see how the price of precious metals rises if kept for the past 10 years?

In addition to that, Gold and Silver were the only stuff that I know which we can purchase without a GST tax, in Singapore, and HST/GST in Canada.

What Precious Metals to Choose?
At first, I was thinking of having a GOLD to stack.  Then I thought that it was way too expensive for me to invest for the time being.

Since Silver was found to be an important raw material in the electronics industry because of it's lower resistivity properties against Gold, I think that it will be scarce when the next electronic boom will occur.

When I went to Ottawa, I visited the Royal Canadian Mint, where the precious metals were made.  Canada is the only country that can make 99.999% (five 9's) pure silver and gold. Unfortunately, their souvenir store will only sell numismatic coins and not the investment type ones.

Front Door of the Royal Canadian Mint where I bought
my first Pure Silver numismatic coins.
Anyway, I was really struck with the beauty of the metal and I didn't hesitate to buy the numismatic pure silver coin to ease up my craving.

So I bought one coin of the Exploring Canada: 2014 Gold Rush collection and one of the Exploring Canada: 2014 Arctic Expedition.

Each coin is placed inside a red box with a signed certificate and a serial number indicating the coin's number over the total number of coins made. It was nicely packaged inside a carton box designed with the drawings from the coin.

My first collection of pure Silver coin from the
Royal Canadian Mint
I also bought a vial of gold foils in a clear liquid as a souvenir.  It's my first collection of gold.

My next action plan is to buy the investment coins and I'll inform you on my next blog posts.

If you need to know more about Silver and Gold, email me at  Share your thoughts of physical Silver and Gold investing here.
Ben Alagnam - MeMovingToCanada