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26 December 2014

Going to Work During Winter in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Finding a job in Canada is not a problem for me as I got a job 5 days after landing.  New immigrants like me usually don't have cars to use for the first few months and maybe years.  It's because we have other priorities for our money like renting or buying a house, food, having a contact number, etc...

For me, car is the least priority as of the moment. Bus and subway transportation system in Toronto is efficient as in Singapore.  There are few unfavorable moments but it's because of the nasty weather.

Everyday, I had to take two buses and walk 500 meters to work.  This is not a problem if the weather is fine because I also love walking as part of my daily exercise.  The problem is when the weather is bad, like winter time.

Walking at the Snowy Walkway
It wastes 10 minutes, for me, just to prepare my clothes and wearing it in layers, including the shoes.  Time consumed for this process should be considered during this type of weather condition.

I have to make sure that I'll be just in time at the bus stop so I won't wait too long  and end up chilling my nose. There is an app for mobile phones that I can recommend to avoid this dilemma, but I'll make another post for that later on.

Once I'm inside the bus, I still feel cold even the bus heating system is working as it takes time for my body to adjust.  So, I don't remove my jackets, gloves and head covers inside the vehicle.

My work site is 500 meters away from the bus stop so I have to walk through the snowy walkway. It's a good sight to see if you feel warm inside your jacket.  The white snow looks great and the grainy snow is fun to touch.

This is how it looks when I reported for work few days ago.

At a normal non-snowy day, you can see the pathway, but this time it's all under the snow. The air temperature is at -4degC during this time but the windchill is around -10degC.

This is really cold, freezing the tip of my nose and fingers and you can feel the numbness specially at your fingertips.  I'll share you my winter gear at my next post so you can have a better view of what to wear during this nasty weather.

They said that -10degC is still not harsh in Toronto.  Wait until I experience the -20 degC....

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14 May 2014

First 2 weeks in Canada

I found a video in Youtube that will be helpful for new immigrants in Canada. This will help us plan on what to do and where to start as soon as we land. Although it's too early to plan our arrival, at least we have an idea about it so we won't panic.
Ben Alagnam - MeMovingToCanada