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Expenses in Applying for Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada 2013 to 2014.

If you want to move in Canada, there will be lots of money involved.  These expenses are from the preparation of documents until the time you will land there.

I have listed down all my expenses here to monitor how much my expenses were.  This will also help you to monitor and have an idea about the expenses involved.

As of 01 July 2013 - 21 July 2014, the expenses are as follows: 

Breakdown of Expenses

Passport Visa Stamping Expenses (4 persons) - S$131.40
Extract of Driving License Records in Singapore - S$10.00
Airline Ticket (Philippine Airlines) (4 persons) - P110,000

Want to Know More About Our Expenses Here in Canada?
I am now creating a detailed expenses in MM2C Community to show you how much our spending on groceries and food here in Canada.  

Join the growing MM2C Community and get a chance to access for-members-only information from me and other members.  

MM2C Community
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Anonymous said...

Hi bro, do you mind sharing the price of the medical checkup and where did you get it? thanks

Ben Alagnam said...

I took my medical exam at Raffles Medical, here's the address.

585 North Bridge Road,
Raffles Hospital, #01-00,

It costs SGD224.70 for the whole process...I stated this price above.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I don't see any notarial expense in your list? Didn't you have your documents notarized? How about the expense for the Certified True Copies of your document, like COE?

Thanks :-)

Ben Alagnam said...

Hi, yes you're right...I forgot to put that expenses...I got my documents notarized in Philippines (P50/copy) much cheaper than SG. I got a total of P1,000 pesos for those documents. I'll include this to my list later on...I got 2 copies per company for my COE, I gave one original to Canada.

Anonymous said...

when to pay the rights of permanent of residence fee?

Ben Alagnam said...

Wait for the request from the embassy. Usually comes together with the medical request.

Anonymous said...

hi ben, can we pay the right of permanent residence fee when we already have arrived in canada?

Ben Alagnam said...

Hi, RPRF should be paid before the issuance of Visa.

Unknown said...

Hi! I notice you didn't include the settlement fund/proof of fund in your expenses. May I know how much you spent for it? My husband is the principal applicant and we also have two kids. I just wanna compare yours to ours. Thank you.

Ben Alagnam said...

HI Tina, I didn't include it because it is not an expense for the FSW process. It is a proof that you have to show if requested by the customs, it's also the money to cover your expenses in Canada and it's up to you on how you spend it here.

I may include or make a separate post about our grocery, rentals, or other miscellaneous expenses here soon.

Unknown said...

Hello Ben anong documents ang kailangan ipa CTC sa Philippines. Settlements of fund ba kailangan na 3 months na hindi mo ginalaw ang pera sa bank, that means we need the bank statement or we just need lang ng bank certificate? For my case Im an engineer im working sa oil rigs as drilling engineer I have 4weeks on 4 weeks of rotation, I have also a work while im at vacation. I dont know how to make my COE, can you suggest how will i make it. I have also 2 degrees sa Engineering like you, do i need to pay twice WES for evaluation of my degree? Or i can have it assessed both my degrees in one time payment? Wat did you do. Nakita ko kasi sa expenses mo naka indicate 2 degrees and you pay only for one assessment sa WES. In other forums kasi they told me I will pay twice WES. Thanks for your help, your blog was really been helpful.

Ben Alagnam said...

Hi Jasper, you need the bank statement stating when you opened the account and how much is the current balance. You can withdraw and deposit on that account at any time within the application period but make sure that you don't withdraw too much.

Sorry, I have no idea on how to create a COE for that type of job. I hope one of my readers can answer your question.

You only need to pay one for both of your degrees for the WES evaluation. That's what I did here.

Unknown said...

Pati Certification of Employment ipapa notarized? Panu po yung COE mo sa SG?

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