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02 March 2020

What I've Noticed to Entitled Immigrants in Canada

We've been here in Canada for the past five years (WOW! That was quick, time really flies!). The blessings that we had for the past years were awesome.  Our lifestyle had improved in terms of our family bonding, travelling together with my family to see the beautiful places in Quebec and Ontario, and having a chance to dine in fancy restaurants.

When staying in a country, like Canada, for a long period of time, we start to take things for granted.  Specially the provisions given to us by the government, people forget that these are not available in other countries.

I can still remember when I was applying for immigration to Canada. The frequent chat with my sister kept me motivated to hasten my application. She told me about the benefits that my nephew gets in terms of free education, free checkup, and free this and that.  The thought of having those benefits in Canada is unbelievable to me if I compare it with our previous situation.

As a backgrounder to those who haven't followed my journey, I came to Singapore as an overseas foreign worker, leaving my family behind in Philippines to have a better future for them. Then I applied for a permanent residency in Canada and became a citizen.  You can read my post about it in my blog.

For the past years that I've been talking to older immigrants, some of them become entitled on what Canada had provided them, with lots of benefits. But they have many complaints about the system. These are the complaints.
  • They start complaining of the school system, saying that it's not that great as compared to other countries or in Philippines.
  • The doctor's visit takes a lot of time. 
  • They need to work 2 or more jobs just to cope up with the bills.
  • It's difficult to retire earlier than 65 years old because they can't save enough for that.
  • The cost of living in Toronto is high.
  • ...and there's a lot more.
Yes, they are correct in some sense. But, they forget where they came from and the situation they were in.  I know that they paid taxes, but note that they did the same to the government of the country of their origin. Have they enjoyed the same benefits?

They might have immigrated in Canada for the same reason as mine, which is the lack of benefits I get from my tax contributions. Never mind about the service of the government as compared to Canada, which is way better.

This is what I can say to those complainers...

Canada is one of the world's top performing education system in the world according to  It is also the 3rd in the Top 10 with the best education system in the world for 2019 according to Master and More.

If you are complaining about the education system, you must came from one of the top countries mentioned on those websites.

Doctor's Visit
Doctors visit takes a lot of time is apparent. But you can choose a different clinic if you need to. You are not obliged to stick to one clinic or doctor, you have the right to move to another location. 

Hospital emergencies are built for emergency situation only, that's why they're called emergency. So if it's not what the situation is, go to a clinic and have yourself checked for non-emergency purposes.

Working Double Jobs
Who says you have to work double jobs? If you are complaining that the rent is not enough, move to a cheaper place, a basement, apartment, or bedroom rental.

Having an expensive car is a choice. In Toronto, you can use the public transportation. Uber is an option but not a necessity. Buy an old car that only cost $2,000 dollars if you really need to and not brand new ones that costs $30,000 or more.

Cook your own food and do not buy in restaurants or fast food chains. There are grocery stores in Canada that are affordable and good quality.

Upgrade your education so you can be qualified for a better employment position. You may get a job in your field of expertise.

Can't Save Enough for Retirement
Well, if you did not follow on what I explained above, you end up with no savings.

You should save early for your retirement. Don't buy expensive or luxuries things if you haven't saved for your retirement.

Canada has a savings plan called RRSP, you have to use the benefits for that. Talk to a financial advisor. Compare banks with other investment institutions. There are many out there. That's what we did with our money. We know that we are going to get old and retire. It's given.

Cost of Living
So with other cities in the world. If you go to other major cities in first world countries, price of commodities, house rentals, and transportation are mostly similar. Cities grow as well as cost of living.

Have a humility to get a practical shelter and transportation and you end up having money to spend just enough not to complain.

So, guys! If you're new to Canada, don't end up to money debt trap. Research more on how to invest money in this country and talk to people who are professional and trustworthy financial advisors. 

Do not care about what your relatives or friends say about your situation. As long as you're happy, enjoying, and not complaining about the Canadian life, you're in the good place.

It's time to reset our minds.

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