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26 June 2014

Accredited Assessors for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) FSW Canada 2014

One of the requirements for the Federal Skilled Worker Program to immigrate to Canada is the Educational Credential Assessment or is shortly known as the ECA.

You need to send your credential to one of the accredited assessors in order for your foreign credentials assessed for the equivalent number of years of studies in Canada.

You can choose your preferred assessor according to your budget and convenience.

They may differ in the fees of their services but at the end of the day, you will get the equivalency report.  You can click each link below to know more about them and their in-house procedures .

List of Accredited Assessors for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) 2014

Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

International Credential Assessment Service of Canada

World Education Services

Medical Council of Canada (for professional body)

Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (professional body)

My Experience in Getting my Credential Assessment at WES
For my ECA, I took the services of World Education Services.  First of all, I found their service fees the cheapest.

I am not in a hurry at that time so mailing documents to WES, for me, is not an issue for a regular or an express.

For my first impression of WES, their website is user friendly and easy to understand.

By the way, I made a blog post on this at this link Credential Assessment for Canadian FSW at WES.  In that post, you can read the detailed story of how I got my WES and how much are my expenses for the whole process.

What To Expect After You Get the Result of Your ECA?
After the assessment of your credentials, the assessor will send you an original copy of the assessment result.  This original copy should be included in your full application for FSW CANADA.

The equivalent number of years of studies written in the report will be your bases for the points in your education eligibility factor.

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  1. Hi Mr. Ben,

    I saw from WES website that if you are from the country of Philippines it shows that you have to submit your diploma and transcript for both Higher and Secondary Education... in your case did you also submit your highschool diploma?

    Thanks in advance.


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