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24 June 2014

Two College Degrees: How to Compute the Number of Years

What if you had 2 degrees in college, how do you compute for the total number of years of your studies?

To explain it further, I will use my experience as an example that suits this problem perfectly.

It happened that I got two Engineering Degrees in College, I'll just name it as Eng-1 and Eng-2.   Each degree is normally a 5-year course.

How Long Did I Finish My Two Degrees?
For the Eng-1, I finished it for just 4.5 instead of 5 years, it's because I was so excited to finish that course.  I was so enthusiastic back then.  

The school that I enrolled into allows us to take advance courses during summer.  So, I went to school to take the summer courses that was supposed to be taken on the next semester.  My classmates that did not took this program were overtaken.  

After finishing the Eng-1, now I have a vacant of 0.5 years, right?  Then I decided to take Eng-2.

Eng-2 is a 5-year engineering degree also, but the minor subjects from my Eng-1 are all credited so I just needed to finish the major subjects to graduate/finish the degree.  And, it took me 1 year to finish it.

To summarize my educational background, I had tabulated it below:

Eng-1 - 4.5 years
Eng-2 - 1.0 years
             5.5 actual years in school

How Did I Fill-up the Form IMM008 (FSW Canada) for My Two Degrees?
At the Schedule A Background Declaration (IMM5669) item #7- Education form, I counted the number of years of studies based on my secondary and post-secondary education in Philippines.

We have 6 years of elementary/primary school, which starts from Grade 1 to Grade 6 and  4 years in Secondary/High School from First Year to Fourth Year.

I indicated 6 years on the University/College.  Even though I have 5.5 actual years in this level but Eng-1 is a 5-year course and took another year for Eng-2, a total of 6 years.

For the Trade school or other post secondary school section, I left it as "0" because I don't have one.  But if you do have, like 1 or 2-year courses, you can indicate it there.

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  1. Hi Ben, I am not sure what to fill in Schedule 3 form Question # 12a and 12b.

    My designation are ASE,ITA and AST in company but my responsibility are same as
    Software Engineer and Designor (2173)

    What to fill in occupation under 12a and 12b , please suggest

    1. At the question 12a, put the primary occupation that you want the CIO to assess you on your occupation points, this is your company's designation (ASE, ITA or AST) then write the NOC corresponding to that designation (2173).

      At the 12b, write the designation as per your company's provided occupation title at the Occupation and write the corresponding NOC code at the NOC box.
      NOC - 2173

      Occupation - ITA
      NOC -2173

      NOC -2173


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