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10 June 2014

Why You Need To Check Your Spam Folder Regularly?

When you submitted you application, you probably have experienced the FSWA syndrome.  It stands for Federal Skilled Worker Applicant syndrome.

This is probably not an abnormal feeling because almost everyone of us who applied for the FSW Canada felt the same way as you.

At this stage, you feel uneasy and it keeps you thinking about the future outcome of your application and whether you missed something or not.

The checking of emails, forums and blogs almost everyday is now your routine.  I tell you now that this is normal.  This will fade away in due time.

What Happens After Sending Your Application?
Once you have sent your application to Nova Scotia, Canada, this is the period where you are now a certified FSW applicant and a life changer to your family and your life.

What happens next is the waiting period.  Once your application arrives in Nova Scotia, it will be reviewed by the officers there.  They will check each of the documents that you've sent for any missing parts or incorrect documentation and this will be the basis on your eligibility.

This is the crucial part wherein the decision of pursuing your application or not is in their hands, the better you arrange your documents, the faster they can sort and process your application.  

The officers are also humans so they have their own ups and downs.  Don't make their sorting and inspection difficult for them.

Canada Emails Are Spams?
As soon as they finalize their decision on your application, they are going to send you a request notice for a medical exam or some documents to update.  This will be sent physically through letters to your home mailing address and virtually to your email inbox.

Ideally speaking, the email of CIC should go to the email Inbox.  But, based on my experience, some goes to the SPAM folder.  

Yes, it's only in the spam and you can retrieve it anytime...right? 50% WRONG!

If you have a Yahoo email, you can set the spam folder to clean itself at a set time.  I did this with mine.  Luckily, I realized that this feature is not a good idea at all and so I changed it immediately.

I received an email from the Canadian Embassy, Manila and I found it's in my Spam folder.  Lucky that I had not deleted it together with those spam emails.

Lessons learned: 
  • Do not set your spam to auto delete 
  • Always Check each spam for any important emails from Canada
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  1. Hi Ben,

    one more question, I am applying end of this week. I am changing house next month for sure.
    I am not sure where I'll move in Singapore, What should I do? do I need to mention every time by post if any changes or address or anything..


    1. Not for this time, wait for their positive response letter. Make sure you check your emails and your request you previous house owners to inform you if they'll receive letters from Canada.

      At the Positive Response letter, they will ask you for updates and where to send it. Wait for it.


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