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03 September 2014

How to Check the Number of Applicants for FSW CANADA 2014

Updated: 23 September 2014

Preparing for the documents and getting it ready for the big submission is tough.  The additional stress on the applicants is the quota for each 50 eligible occupations, there are 1,000 sub-caps for each.

But how do you know the number of applicants had successfully submitted their documents in Canada?

Below, you can now monitor the number of applicants and estimate on how long you need to complete your application.

The FSW Canada application is a race.  Even if you are eligible to apply, if the cap for your occupation had reached its quota, your document will not be processed.

As of 23 September 2014, there were 4,003 out of 25,000 applications received at the Nova Scotia, Canada.  This will be updated at least once a week.

The Top Occupations With the Highest Number of Applications

To monitor the up-to-date number of applicants, you can visit the link below.

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  1. wow! my NOC is 2174, the top 1 in the list, I just submitted my docu yesterday, so hopefully it will be counted before the quota is reached!

    thanks ben for your blog, i was able to complete the forms and requirements without agent!

    1. Hi Chacha, Congratulations for doing it your own. Thank you for the compliment and hoping for the success! It's exciting right?

  2. Thanks for your tips kabayan..I had mine submitted without an agent too! .I salute you for helping everyone...

    1. Hi Mike, Thanks! I also salute you for successfully doing it your own. Keep in touch!

  3. Si Ben, 4,003 is the number of apps recieved after completeness check? before completeness check? or number of apps with PER??

  4. Hello po. I have filed for FSW last December and currently based in SG with my hubby. The PR application result here really made us apply to Canada. We are praying for a favourable result. Thanks for your blog!

    1. You're welcome, hoping for the positive result.

  5. sir hindi po updated yung link FSW CANADA 2014 QUOTA

    do you have link for the EE quota?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ian, here's the link for the new Express Entry invitations.


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