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02 July 2014

Singapore Police and NBI Clearance Not Included in the Full Application

What if your full application for the Federal Skilled Worker in Canada are ready but you don't have the Singapore Police and the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearances yet?

At the Checklist IMM5612 item # 18 of FSW Canada, it clearly states that it is recommended to send the police clearance or certificates together with the full application, but if the applicant cannot obtain all the necessary documents, the full application can still be sent to the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) without them.  The said document can be sent once requested.

The police certificates are generally considered valid for 1 year only from the date of issuance. If expired, you need to produce a new copy.

The problem is that we don't know when Canada will send us the letter to update our documents or request us to send our medical exam.  

What I Did with my Singapore and Philippines Police Clearance?
During my 2007 application, it took me 5 years to receive a letter from Canada, not a positive one, but it's a letter to return my application. 

My application was not rejected or denied.  The reason was that the Canadian government had decided to return all applications that was received before 2008.  They also returned the processing fees, which confirmed that all my hardships and 5 years of waiting were just a piece of paper thrown in a bin. 

Because of the situation, I always assume that Canada will reply to my future applications one year or more later.

Assuming that Canada will reply to me at a later date,  I made sure that my police certificates were up to date as soon as I send it to them.

I did not send the NBI of my wife and my Singapore Police clearance together with my full application.  Instead, I wrote a letter to the CIO that my Singapore and Philippines' police clearance will be submitted once I received the request letter from them.

If you want a copy of my request letter to CIO, you can email me at or simply click this link to request.  The recommended email address is Gmail, because Yahoo email will sometimes bounce back.

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  1. Hi,

    This link states that we can COC when requested by CIC. I am Indian, working in Singapore.
    my assumption is we can send both Indian and Singapore police clearance certificates(both mysself and spouse) when CIC requested. No need to send along with full application? Am I correct? Thanks for help in advance!

  2. Yes you're right Srikanth, you can send them together once Canada request for it.

    Singapore is strict, you cannot get a police cert personally. You need a request letter from a requesting institution/government.

    Option 2: But is you can easily get an Indian Police Certificate, you can opt to send it together with your full application.

  3. Thanks for reply Ben, Sure, I'll submit Indian police clearance certificate. But from documents checklist, I understand only main applicant need to submit police clearance certificate, no need to dependent's. Correct?

    1. Hi Shrikanth, you need to provide a police certificate for dependents who are 18 years old and above.

  4. Thanks Ben,
    And coming to settlement funds, I have only my bank account in singapore which has enough sufficient funds. I don't have any property or liabilities.
    In one of the forms it asks us to fill
    settlement funds

    I think what bank account has to be filled in settlement funds, what should I filled in assets and liabilities?


    1. Hi Srikanth, please read my post about settlement funds..

  5. thanks Ben, I read your post.
    In my case
    eg: my bank account has 20000, so
    assets = 20000
    liabilities = 0
    settlement funds =20000. Correct?
    And another doubt is bank will issue certificate in SGD I hope. But in form its asked to mention in Canadian dollars. do we need to convert ourselves with approx exchange rate?


    1. Hi Srikanth, I suggest to leave your question about funds at the Settlement Fund post so other readers can see it also. But anyway, I will answer this one here..

      Yes, POSB , OCBC or other banks will always issue the currency in SGD. You can just put the estimate amount in CND if you will.

      But, to make it more convincing, you have to visit the foreign exchange rate websites and check for the current rates then indicate it at your attached form including the source of that rate, you may follow my sample settlement fund form here.

  6. hello, now there is an appeal for nonresidents in singapore before you can obtain a police clearance. did you fill up that part and also how about the fingerprints? were you required to send them as well? thank you!


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