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04 July 2014


One of my reader requested me to explain why I wanted to immigrate to Canada instead of Australia.  She wanted to know so she can decide where to apply.

The request came from Ms. X.L..  (If you read this post, please let me know if you want to put your full name or leave it as is so I can edit it for you).

My FSW Canada Application History?
Now, this is my chance to explain the advantages and to defend the future country of my son, my grandchildren and great grandchildren. "Hopefully"!

First of all, I want to give you a brief history of my Federal Skilled Worker in Canada application that started since 2003.

During that time, the only relatives that were living there are my cousins and aunt.  They were not close to me but we have already met each other in some occasions in the Philippines.

It was clear to my mind that my goal is to be in Canada no matter what.  Australia was never in my list.

The reason is that, every time my relatives visit us in Philippines, they always say something good about Canada.  It's obvious in their reactions and expressions that they were happy in that country and the way they convince us are all genuine.

Their faces looks happy and fresh, and the way they speak in English are Superb, that was me listening when I was in secondary/high school.

Since then, I had set my goal, to be in that country when I grow up.

Fast forward to 2002, my aunt and relatives were still encouraging me to go there but my dilemma is that I don't have enough money to show to the immigration officers and my work experience is not enough to be in their workforce.

I waited for the time that I can send my full application until 2003.  I hired an agent (another story) that delayed my documents due to the vast amounts of demands of revisions.

This is due to the changes of the agency manpower, they keep on re-assigning the document controllers.  One day, you will be surprised that the one in-charge on your documents has resigned.

It took me 4 years to complete all my documents until the new FSW rules, which is the Simplified Application Process, was implemented on 2007.

Because of my experience since 2003 and the research that I made, I considered myself as an expert in this field.  This time, I helped my sister to apply for FSW Canada and my brother in law's cousin' Spouse Sponsorhip application.  They were then approved within a year.

I was happy but confused. I'm the first to apply for this program, but still left waiting for it.  What was in me that Canada doesn't want?

When I submitted the new SAP application, I thought that my application will be faster this time, but all were in vain, they stopped my application by returning my processing fee on 2012, because Canada set a new rules on 2008. What the....!!!

The waiting never stopped until 2013 when I submitted my application and is now waiting for the approval of my VISA! (Hopefully!!!)

Why Did I Chose Canada?
As based on my story, my relatives are there ahead of me and I have someone to lean on to.  This is the primary reason why I chose to be in Canada rather than in Australia.

But, I was not contented about it.  I want to know the future of my family and soon to be my clan.  Then I asked few people about the advantages and searched some of it online.

Let's go and have look at the facts that I've gathered and let's review it one by one...

On 2012, the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA),  had done an assessment from 510,000 participating students in 34 OECD member countries and 31 partner countries.  The main focus was particularly in Mathematics.  This is the result.


Canada was ahead of Australia from all categories.  This made Canada an advantage for my children's education.

Another is the Literacy Rate Rank out of 215 countries:
Canada - #32
Australia - #36

ECONOMY- Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
This is one indicator to measure the health of the country's economy.


As seen at the table above, CANADA is doing pretty good on their economy against Australia since the year 2010.

Canada's economy is healthier than Australia and is a good indicator that my children will have a greater future for the next 3 years in Canada than in Australia.

Credit Ratings:
In general, a credit rating is used by sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and other investors to gauge the credit worthiness of a country, thus having a big impact on the country's borrowing costs.

Canada's Credit rating (TE Rating) on 2014 is higher than Australia.
CANADA - 98.06

CANADA - 29%


The personal income tax in Australia is way to high for me and my children to pay.  This made Canada an advantage to work with, their government and labor force.

We need our children to inhale the sweet smell of flowers and the clean fresh air.

So, we need to know which country is cleaner than the other, we will compare the CO2 Emissions per Capita in metric tons.

Canada - 15.23 Metric Tons
Australia - 18.37 Metric Tons

How Powerful Is Your Passport
Canada ranked 170 ahead of Australia, 167, on how powerful the passport in the case of gaining Visa from other countries.

Source from Movehub
World Passport Power

Please do take note that this consolidated data are for your information only.  You can seek for other data that you want.

As for my conclusion and own opinion,  Canada is better to live than Australia.  This is the country where I want to bring my wife and my children to study, work, and live for the rest of our lives.

That is why I chose Canada as my destination.

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If you really are decided to immigrate to Australia and was not convinced on the above comparison, you can start your application now.

You might as well prepare yourself with Australia's way of life and browse job sites to know more about the workforce they have in there.  Here's one job site that may help you with that.

Australia Job Site

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  1. Hi Ben

    This is Xueni Lee, aka gobbledegook. Thank you for writing a blog entry specially for this. I enjoy this read, and your blog. It gave me the will to believe that I should at least try and migrate while I still can. I find your blog extremely helpful and I am in the process of inspiring fellow Singaporeans to make a move. Singaporeans, as you already would know, are very resistant to changes. I think your blog serves us well. I wish you all the best in your application :)

  2. if you like sub-zero weather and bone-crushing winters then canada is better than australia. my point, all this relative. it all depends on your outlook, job opportunities and needs. eg. if i go to canada, i will have to work in the arctic-cold, trans-siberian pipeline to get my rock star salary that i can easily get working FIFO (15:9) in Western Australia.

  3. thank you for your blogs! It's been very helpful to those who are currently applying for migration and for those who have not decided yet whether to go to Canada or Australia. Reading this blog, it seems that we have same preference and I got happier to see those information because I chose Canada as my next country to live in. I just received my PER two weeks ago for my FSW 2014 application and now waiting for medical request.

  4. I've dreamed of moving to Canada unfortunately my husband isn't keen as he doesn't want to uproot the children. I have a brother who lives there so it isn't out of the question (in terms of getting a visa). The education system is the big draw for me. I work in a school in England and our system is miles behind there's.

    Jeannette Lewis @ Welcome Pack Canada

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    Really inspiring and helpful blog...
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    Thank you ...


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