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22 June 2013

Return of Processing Fee from CANADA

It was 6 years ago when I sent my application for the Federal Skilled Workers Program in Canada.  That was the year 2007.

The application at that time was a bit easier than this year 2013.  What we're required to submit were only a form for me to fill in. That's it!  They call this application as SAP or Simplified Application Process.

That was it!  I was excited after submitting my application and thought that it will just take me 5 years to wait...Yup, 5 years!

What Happened After 5 Years???
Then, an announcement from the Canadian Immigration came on 2012 that they were no longer pursuing the applications of the 2007 applicants.  The world is really round and I'm at the bottom now.  This is not happening, I thought.  But, the letter came and after reading it, I realized that it was true.

After waiting for so long, this is what we've got.  But, somehow, I did not loose my interest in the Moving to Canada since this is my ultimate dream.  I turned it to a positive view in my life and thought that it's not my right time to be there.  It was proven that I'm right because the recession was really bad at the time in Canada.

Lucky for me because I'm still working in Singapore, earning and saving money for my settlement funds in Canada.  Working in Singapore is where I was inspired to start my Singapore Story blog.

What Did Canada Do?
Today, I was busy asking the bank on how to make a telegraphic transfer.  This is because, Canada sent me an email asking me for my bank details.

They will be refunding my application fee, which I had paid on my 2007 application.  I'm using a DBS/POSB bank in Singapore and here is the form for the telegraphic transfer details that I need to fill in.

DBS Bank Ltd
12 Marina Boulevard
DBS Asia Central
Marina Bay Financial Center Tower 3
Singapore 018982

Swift Code: DBSSSGSG

Hope that they will send the money to me as soon as possible so I could use it to my new application.  I'm planning to submit it this week.

If you want to know how to apply for Moving to CANADA.  Follow me to my journey...

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brownmaple said...


I sent my documents to wes. Unfortunately I just got a response from my college that my transcripts don't contain my date of birth. So I contacted through WES contact form, but no response then.

How do I get this rectified. Please provide any suggestions.

Ben Alagnam - MeMovingToCanada