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30 March 2016

MM2C Spring MEET-UP in Scarborough Ontario Canada 2016

Last February 27, 2016, we had a very enjoyable experience meeting up with our fellow immigrants.  We were about 4 families there.  A lot of stories were shared with good laughs and also learned a lot from it.

For this coming April 9, 2016, on a Saturday afternoon (3:00pm), we will meet again and with new immigrants.  This time, it's in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

If you are free to come, please join us and help support our new immigrants and our MM2C group.  We can share our experiences, moral support, and important immigration information that can help us settle in Canada smoothly.

You need to register in order to get the exact location for the event.  Please click the link or the banner below and it'll bring you to the Google form registration page.


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Thanks for your time and SEE YOU THERE!!!

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