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28 June 2014

FREE eBook on Eligibility Assessment for FSW Canada 2014

If you are starting or planning to apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada, and don't know what to do initially?  You are at the right blog post.

Planning to migrate to Canada is tough, but actually doing it is really difficult (10 times).  This is true especially when you don't know what are the first baby steps.

How Did I Started My FSW Canada Application?
I was clueless, few years ago, on how to do my first moves.  Research through online forums and blogs are quite helpful but I have to consolidate all that information.

Forums are usually difficult to digest since all the information there are sometimes unorganized.

Some people will advise you to do this and that and will be different from others.  It's just so hard to know who's right and wrong.

When I applied using the DIM (Did It  Myself) for my FSW Canada, I stumbled a lot of hardships.

Lucky enough that I have the enthusiasm to finish the Full Application. If not, I would end up procrastinating.

This is not an ordinary application. For me, it is the most tiring and the difficulty level is too high.  I had applied so many applications involving documents all my life, back when I went to United Arab Emirates, Getting a Visa in China and applying for Permanent Resident in Singapore.

The FSW Program in Canada is the ultimate application process that I had...with a difficulty level of 9 is to 10 against others, which is below 7.

What Can I Offer to New Applicants for FSW Canada?
The hardships and the pain, I experienced them all.  That is why I want to help new applicants so as to ease their pain.

If you have time for this application, you don't need to ask for any service from the immigration agencies.  Buying time comes with a big price because "Time is GOLD".  I've done this route and I will tell my story about it in other posts.

So, I made a FREE eBook, titled as the Eligibility Reference Guide for FSW Canada 2014, intended for new applicants who wants to know if they are eligible to apply for the FSW Canada.

Take note, this is the crucial first steps that you should do before applying for the program.

This reference FREE eBook is:

  •  FREE
  • To verify your eligibility to apply for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program in Canada.
  • For the FSW applications only and cannot be used for the province of Quebec.
  • Applicable for applicants outside Canada.
  • May be applicable for applicants with prospected employers in Canada and under a PHD Category. (Please check for other requirements at the Canadian website)
  • The Property of 
  • Can be shared to other applicants and friends as well.  They can also visit the websites anytime.
  • Cannot be printed as other words had links to some important websites and documents online.

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