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31 August 2014

FSW Canada 2014 Application Rejected: What's Next?

You were done with your full application and was so excited to go to the courier station.  Few months after, you received a correspondence from the Centralized Intake Office (CIO) in Canada,  informing you of their decision.

You were so excited opening up that email.  As you clicked the message, it turned out to be....
"...unfavorable decision, it's a Negative Eligibility review."
You have failed to show that you are eligible to apply for the Federal Skilled Worker 2014 maybe due to the following reasons:
  • lack of evidence to show that you are eligible to apply for the FSW2014.
  • your points has not reached 67, etc...
  • The occupation has reached the quota
You begun to ask CIO's decision and started to get depressed.  The world seems so cruel that you don't want to make a move anymore.  Then you heard this song on the radio...
"...Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too!" - Magic! 
You begun to question all the authorities of Canada at the back of your mind.

You then swear not to lodge any applications anymore and do a bit of sour graping.  The worst thing is that you don't want to eat for few days, leaving the worries on your family.


There is nothing more depressing than having been rejected by FSW Canada 2014.  This is your dream, yet was taken away from you just because of mere technicalities.

Before you continue with your depression, let me share you my story...

My Federal Skilled Worker Canada Application

My journey to Canada have not started on 2013, when I sent my full application to Nova Scotia.  It actually started on 2003 and it's when I paid an agent to help me with my application.

During that time, I have to submit all my ORIGINAL documents together with the full application forms to the agency in preparation for the FSW 2003 Canada and will wait at least 2 years to know their decision.

Busy at work, lack of proof of funds, and a strict rules implemented by the agency, requiring me a lot of original documents and an almost perfect Job Descriptions, my application was not submitted at the Canadian embassy and was stuck at the agency's document vault.

Four (4) long years past, on 2007, the agent made a call and informed me that Canada had a new set of rules regarding their immigration.  This time, its simpler, so simple that they call it the Simplified Application Process (SAP).

Burning with excitement, I jumped out and informed my agent that I need to go to their office to apply for the new process.  As usual, I have to take a leave of absence just to sign a new set of forms.  My agent would never let me bring the forms back home.

I only filled up the SAP forms and the agent submitted it to the Canadian embassy with the processing fee in a form of a cheque..  It was estimated that it will take 2-3 years for the whole process, then the Canada Embassy was supposed to send us a request of update.

Two years past, then 3, until 2011, Canada surprisingly announced that they will return all applications that were submitted before 2008.

Guess What?  My application was included on that new set of rules.  You can't imagine how depressed I was, taking in consideration of my 4 years of lost waiting time.

It seems unfair but we can't do anything.  Some of my batch-mates had filed a case against the Canadian government.  They took the service of a foreign lawyer. Oh well, good luck to them!

While working in Singapore, I waited for the return of my application fee.  It's my hard earned money and was sleeping for 4 years.

Then, another set of rule was released on 2012,  I prepared my IELTS and since my documents are ready, I just filled up the new set of forms.

Another setback, although the caps has not reached the quota under my NOC, Canada stopped to receive any application until May 2013.

By the way, I applied for a Permanent Residence here in Singapore.  Unfortunately, it was rejected.

On 2013, I never wasted any second of my time. As soon as Canada released the May 2013 new set of rules,  I immediately sent my credentials to WES and filled all the forms.  Then I submitted my full application on July 1, 2013 and the dates followed...

It's Not Your Perfect Time Yet

Every application failure is not the end of the World. It is just not your time yet , maybe there's a perfect plan for you out there.

That is why I've always emphasized that if you have the opportunity today, do not hesitate to apply as soon as possible.  This may be your chance.

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srikanth rokkam said...

Hi Ben,

i have few things to update to my application.
1) my brother-in-law got PR, i can update for additional points
2)my address changed.

pls let me know do I need to update CIC, what is the process?



Ben Alagnam said...

HI Srikanth, if you received an acknowledgement or PER from CIO, there is a section there to update your status (change of address, marital status, etc...). You can follow that procedure.

Ben Alagnam - MeMovingToCanada