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16 April 2015

MM2C NEWS: MM2C Subscriber Got A Very Good News!

Helping someone achieve his dream is the best feeling money can't buy.  Few days ago, one MM2C subscriber emailed me to share his good news.

Before I start sharing,  I want to let you know that few months ago, when I was in Singapore, I met him and made a post about it.

Meeting with an FSW Applicant and MM2C Subscriber

What is the Good News?
He sent me an email...
"Hi Ben,
Just want to share with you, I got my PPR.
I have sent my passport using VFS to Visa office and now I am waiting for the passport to return to me with the visa on it hopefully. 
Now, I am worried about finding accommodation in Canada. One of my facebook friends who is living in Vancouver told me that he has room to rent in his house. But I am not sure Vancouver is the right place for new immigrant who is looking for job.
If you have time, please share what is the best option of accommodation for single new immigrant like me. 
How is your life in Canada so far? "
If you are still not familiar with the FSW abbreviations, like PPR, it's a PassPort Request.  When you get this request, that means you had passed the Medical Exam and Police Clearances.  

Then, Canada will give you the most important sticker in the world, the VISA!  Here's my experience with it...

 My Answer to His E-mail
"Hi Friend,
WOW! Congratulations!
I'm so happy to know that you have your Passport request and soon to receive your Visa.
My suggestion for you, since you have a friend in Vancouver, that you stay there first and try to find a job.  Your friend can help you settle there in every step of the way.  
The good thing also is that you can have a room to rent with him.
Compared to living in Toronto, it's difficult for you to settle here if you don't have someone to stay with.  
Although there are lots of apartments and basement houses here that you can rent, but you will be with a complete stranger.  It will cost you around C$500-$1000/per month to have a 1-bedroom flat here. It might cost you around C$300-500 for a bedroom or in a basement.  This is only my estimate. 
I am not familiar with the employment in Vancouver. But in Toronto, there are lots of survival jobs here especially when you land during school time.  You can work in factories while applying for the perfect job. 
For now, I'm working in my field, not an assembler anymore. My job is the same in Singapore, my NOC, which is Instrument Technician and mechanic.  My salary is higher than in Singapore.   
If you have read my wife's post in my blog, she is now a full-time housewife.  We can still have our savings with this setup with the help of the Free education for my kids and allowance from the government.  For now, we are good and happy! 
It's up to you to decide and let me know where you want to land."
Federal Skilled Worker application was the most difficult program that I've been through.  A lot of time and money I'd sacrificed.  All I can say for now is that...


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Dara said...

Hi Ben, Ayanami here. I'm so happy to hear that you're now working in your field and have settled down very nicely even before hitting the 1year mark. This good news gives someone like me hope that I can do well too. I'm currently waiting for PPR. I hope you could blog about how long you stayed as an assembler and how did you manage to find work and transition to your field. God Bless. And all the best to you and family! :)

Ben Alagnam said...

Thank you Ayanami, I'm also overwhelmed of how our immigration life went her in Canada. We've been given a lot of blessings that I'm grateful for.

I'm currently making an ebook on how we made it in Canada and have a life as we planned it to be. Hopefully, it will be finished before the end of the 2nd quarter of this year. I will include the detailed story about my job as an assembler and my life with my new job.

By the way, I have a Youtube videos about my driving in Canada. I hope it gives you an idea on how the road in Canada is. Just search "Ben Alagnam" in Youtube.

Dara said...

Thanks Ben. Just today, I've received my PPR. Looks like I'll be in Toronto within the year.
Is driving a must in Canada? I don't really drive, the last time I drove was like YEARS back, when I was in college for just 1 semester and that was on an automatic car. Never got the chance to drive again after that. Driving scares the hell out of me.

Ben Alagnam said...

WOW!!!Congratulations MommyD. That's a great news for your family.

Canada is big and if you want to travel around Ontario and other provinces, you got to have a car. Driving is convenient here and most drivers are disciplined due to their license grading system and strict implementation, NO "Kotong (police corruption)". Anyway, I'll mention that in my future posts.

Most of the cars here are automatic. There are few who likes Manual, but for me, I was driving manual and automatic in Singapore and Philippines, I like to drive the automatic car. It's convenient especially on long distance driving.

Hope to meet you here soon.

Unknown said...

Hi All,

Im planning to apply for CIC but stuck with basic things, I have got all work experience related proof like payslips offer letter,bank statements but no job anyone have the soft copy of reference letters from colleagues with job duties mentioned on it, could mail it to

Ben Alagnam said...

Hi Abdul, go to RESOURCES page and select the document that you need, then wait for my approval.

Jeannette Lewis said...

Thanks so much for this site, it manages to pack everything in here that I need to know. My husband lived in Canada for a while long before we met and has never stopped yearning to return, but I've been nervous about the whole thing. This is a really reassuring site- takes me through the process in a non-threatening way.

Jeannette Lewis @ Welcome Pack Canada

Ben Alagnam - MeMovingToCanada