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04 August 2014

How to Know Your Degree Equivalence in Canada for FREE?

After reading the Red Maple Leaf Free eBook, you still might be hesitant to submit your application. It's either you're worried that:
  • The result of your IELTS can not reach the required points or
  • The result of your educational credential assessment is not favorable
For the IELTS test, there is nothing more that we can do to know how good we are in English until we take the test.  But, for the educational credential assessment, we can do something about it.

Take note, for the education factor, we can estimate how much points we can get from the assessment even before we pay with the assessors of Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

As I mentioned before, I took the services of World Education Services (WES) for my ECA.  There are few reasons why I chose their services and it was stated in one of my post.

How to Assess the ECA for FREE?
The good thing about WES is that they have a FREE WES Degree Equivalency Tool.  Anyone can go online and have his degree credentials assess and it is Free, but there will be no certificate for this.

All you have to do is visit the link below:

Do the following procedures:

  • Click the START NOW
  • Key in all required details (name and email address)
  • Click Continue
  • Select Country of Education
  • Select Name of Degree Diploma
  • Select Major and  Number of Years of Study
  • Search the Institution Attended
It will immediately give you the equivalent years of studies of your credentials in Canada.  

My Assessment at WES Degree Equivalency Tool
Even though I'm done with my credential assessment, I tried this tool just to have a feel of it.  Unfortunately, the result was not the same with my Educational Credential Assessment certificate.  
At the FREE WES Degree Equivalency Tool:
B.S. Engineering - 3 years

At the ECA Certificate:
B.S. Engineering - 4 years

In my opinion, WES will still check the curricula at the Transcript of Records as what they had stated at the note below:
 "NOTE: Any degree equivalency provided is based on the information you have entered. It is not based on verified information or documents and may not be used as proof that you attended an institution or earned a degree. WES may change this provisional degree equivalency upon document verification and analysis." - World Education Services
How does the ECA Certificate Looks Like?
If you want a glimpse of the WES certificate, it should look like this:

Now that you know what your education is worth in Canada, get a WES credential evaluation to verify your credentials so they will be recognized by universities, employers and licensing bodies in Canada.

After the free assessment using the WES tool, you can now prepare the required documents and payment.

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srikanth rokkam said...

Hi Ben,

I got ECA report. I thought I have to include only ECA report along with application (no need to send any educational certificates). while filling the application imm0008_3e, there's note under ECA report says (6 point)
"proof of your foreign educational credential AND an original ECA report from designated organisation". what is proof of foreign educational credential??


srikanth rokkam said...

HI Ben, no need to send any of my educational certificated, rite?
I have ECA report to send!


Ben Alagnam said...

Hi, proof of foreign educational credentials is your Degree/Diploma Certificate and Transcript of Records. Just provide the photocopy for the credentials and send the ORIGINAL copy of the ECA report together with your full application.

Ben Alagnam said...

Send the following:
ECA report (original) + foreign credentials as mentioned above (photocopy)

srikanth rokkam said...

Thanks Ben,
one more question. I dint see anywhere in application form whether to send educational certificates and letter of experience of spouse. do we need to send those?


Ben Alagnam said...

There's no need to submit spouse's educational credentials and reference letters from employers if your spouse did not work in Canada for a period of 1 year.

Unknown said...

Hi Ben,

I don't see my title nor my education institute on the Free tool, I can't validate my credentials?


Ben Alagnam said...

Hi Raul, if you can't see your school at the list, then you need to send it to WES.

D Singh said...


would you pls. let me know link of ECA?


Ben Alagnam said...

Hi Daman, here's the link.

sarkangel said...

Hi Ben,

For WES, do we also need to send our secondary school (high school) diploma and transcripts?
i saw on the WES website, they require Higher education and Secondary education. Or is College/University enough?

Ben Alagnam said...

Hi Mark, If you have completed one or more years of post-secondary study, you do not need to submit any secondary school documents with your application to WES.

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