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18 August 2014

Spouse IELTS and CLB in FSW Canada 2014: How to Compute?

To increase the points for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program in Canada, it's either you have an arranged employment in Canada or have your spouse take the IELTS test.

Applying for a job in Canada when you are outside of the country is difficult to attain, unless your skills or talent is unique and in-demand.

I suggest to have your spouse take the IELTS General Training test.  The band score that he/she can get will have a CLB equivalence, which corresponds to points in the FSW Adaptability factor.

It is stated at the Adaptability factor that you can receive 5 points if you have an evidence of the language skills of your spouse.  The only way to provide such evidence is by producing the IELTS test results.

How to Compute for the Spouse Language Skills Points?
After obtaining the IELTS test results, which is in reading, listening, writing and speaking.  Each type will have its corresponding band scores.

These band scores also have a corresponding FSW points and you need to compute it to know whether you have an additional 5 points.

The requirement states that your spouse should get a Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) level of 4 and above in English or in French.

Since the IELTS are measured by band scores, we will use that to get its equivalent CLB level.

Here are the corresponding IELTS band scores in a CLB level 4.
CLB 4 = IELTS (Reading - 3.5 Writing - 4.0 Listening - 4.0 Speaking - 4.0)
If your spouse can get these scores, you can add 5 points to your FSW Adaptability factor to achieve the minimum total of 67, and submit the IELTS test results together with your full application.

Based on my experience, I decided not to let my wife take the IELTS  for the following reasons:
  • My FSW points are more than 67 even without my wife's IELTS.
  • The fee for taking the test is around US$300,  I'll just add it to my Settlement Fund.
  • It will take time, a month, for me to provide the result and the clock is ticking. 
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Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
I got my IELTS result yesterday.

I am now gathering all my other documents and will submit my FSW application before september ends.

Would you mind checking if my computation is correct?

Reading = 6
Writing = 7
Listening = 6
Speaking = 7

Total band score = 6.5

Total Score = 20 points

Is 20 points correct?

Thanks in advance

Unknown said...

I think your spouse calculation is wrong....please check again. Thanks

Software Automation said...


I want to apply of canada immigration. I scored 6 band in ielts but i have 5 points in reading. My spouse has 6 band in ielts. If we apply both then will it be accessible?

Ben Alagnam said...

This is the link for the IELTS requirement.

Nickole Dinardo said...

Thanks for sharing.

Nickole Dinardo said...

Nice to see.

Ethel Vanessa said...

Hi! How should I enter the IELTS scores when creating EE profile or when using the assessment tool? Should I enter the CLB equivalent or the IELTS score as per British Council?

Ben Alagnam said...

Hi Ethel, enter the IELTS score as per British Council.

If you have other questions, post it on the forums

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