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20 August 2014

The Complete Mindset of an FSW Canada Applicant

Arranging an appointment for the IETLS test takes a long time.  The test results may reach 6 weeks or even 8 weeks to be delivered to our doors.

During the waiting period, we are there worrying about our band score and how well our results be, can it reach our expectations?

The educational assessment, another thing that we are worried about.  Could it be 4 years, 3 years or just 2 years equivalence?  What if it falls only at the high school/secondary level , what will happen to my FSW points?

Yes, I know...I also experienced those.  I've been trapped with the situation that I couldn't help but get worried about it all the time.

This post is to let you know that you are not alone with your anxieties.  Some applicants will say that they applied just for the sake of experience, but deep inside, they feel the same way too, I'm sure.

One applicant asked me if should he apply now or wait for the Express Entry next year.  He was worried if it might be too late for him, MAYBE the caps for his NOC category will be closed at the time he submits his application.

The only answer to his question is simple.
What's the Canadian Dream Killer? a word that will kill our hopes and dreams to go to Canada.  It is a killer of our mindset and the future of our families!

Here are the killer MAYBE's:
  • Maybe the caps of my NOC will be closed
  • Maybe my points are not enough
  • Maybe I can't reached the submission deadline.
  • Maybe my ECA has a low equivalency report, I will not reach the desired FSW points.
Let me explain for just a short while.

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If you really want to migrate and live the rest of your life to another country, do whatever you can to reach it.  It's you and only your mind can achieve that goal.

Your mind dictates your body.  If you're worried, the body will be weak and will never stand up to carry you and start your application.

Even the great Nostradamus can not predict what the Canadians are planning for the next Immigration.

Who have known, on 2007, that they will release the Simplified Application Process? Who have known that they will cancel all applicants who applied before 2008?  As a result, they returned all applications and that includes mine.

Yes, you'll say, I knew it!.. but it'll be too late.

Stop saying MAYBE...and changed it to CAN BE!

What Is the Best Thing to Do Now?
This time is your chance to apply for the current FSW Canada.  Remove all your worries, it will be your burden.  Focus on the gathering of documents, consolidate them as soon as you can.

Use all your resources, ask a favor from your friends and relatives to help you with some of your documents.  This is helpful specially when you're working abroad.

Ask and call them, but don't forget to leave some for their snacks and Starbucks.

Gather and collect your documents as soon as you can.

Do the things first that takes time to accomplish like taking the IELTs and sending your credentials for Educational Credential Assessment, and expired passport renewals.

Go on, gather them all and ask me some of your questions along the way.

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Unknown said...

Hi Ben,

Before working in Singapore, I worked for 10 months in Papua New Guinea. It says in the requirements that I need to obtain police clearance from all places I've stayed in for more than 6 months. But you see, knowing Papua New Guinea as a country, they have a very inefficient system. I doubt if I could ever get a police clearance from there the soonest possible time, the least. Would it be possible if I just include a letter in my application that I wasn't able to obtain this document due to difficult means. Currently, this is the only document that I'm worried about. Please advise.


srikanth rokkam said...

Hi Kris,

I applied in sep'14. I didn't provide any police clearance certificates of Singapore and India, Insted I wrote a letter saying I will provide later when CIC sends a request to submit the Police clearance certificate.
You no need to wait for this, you can first apply and make it ready and send it when CIC requests.

you can get more info here



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